Danish PM Takes Low Spot in IQ Ratings‏


Danish Premier

Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt

by Alan Bergstein

Just when we thought our Supreme Commander had the cellar spot for the most incompetent world leader locked up, along comes the Danish Prime Minister to shove him up one notch in the standings.

Well before an investigation into the shootings at a Copenhagen synagogue were even begun, PM Heller Thorning-Schmidt stated that “there was no sign of his affiliation with any group that might have groomed him to act.”

Strange then, that the killer’s name was Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein and Danish law enforcement officials said he was on the intelligence service’s radar and may have been inspired by the Islamic State militant group.

Just an ordinary guy minding his business and he just pops up on the terrorist watch list.

Does she not have contact with her intelligence staff? Did the terrorist’s name just happen to ring an Islamic warning bell? “Danish police charged two men with being accomplices for the gunman.” No affiliation with any group? Did the guys’ names somehow sound a bit foreign? Not Danish? Tough questions for the leader of a modern nation, I imagine.

And to add to the intelligence quotient of the Danes, according to news reports Omar was a student at a school where the principal described him as a “very talented and gifted student.” The article also noted that the killer was expelled for stabbing a man and was sent away for two years back in 2013. Imagine what the “bad students” are llike.