Darrell Issa’s Jarring Comments About Jason Chaffetz

Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa might run for Speaker of the House, challenging Jason Chaffetz among others. Many believe Issa was too aggressive as Chairman of the committee Jason Chaffetz now heads – the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. On Morning Joe, Issa spoke openly and directly about his successor.

“Jason’s a good man, an honorable man, but he got his job by going to Boehner and saying he would shut down that rancor that was going on, he would go along, get along — and he has done that,” Issa said. “There hasn’t been a single committee report or staff report published since he’s been chairman.”

“The fact is, he’s a good guy, but whatever he was as a freshman, when he was a fighter on our committee, when he was trying to hold government accountable, he took a break from that. And I think that’s going to hurt him.

Chaffetz cot
Jason Chaffetz

It’s a credible statement since anyone who follows Chaffetz’ performance often gets the impression he isn’t doing anything. He fired Rep. Meadows from a committee for one vote Meadows cast that he didn’t like, but put him back on the committee when there was backlash. When he heads a committee, nothing is found and nothing happens, which may be the right finding but it makes one wonder. He found nothing on Extortion 17, Planned Parenthood, as two examples. Nothing results from any of his committees, whether it be border control, financial waste and so on.

If Issa is correct, it’s a pity because Chaffetz started out very differently. He put a cot in his office so he’d be able to work more efficiently and not waste tax dollars. It also tends to confirm peoples’ fears that this is what permeates our government today, and that isn’t a thought reserved by Conservatives.

Also interesting was when Issa was asked if the Freedom Caucus didn’t need to be told the truth. Issa said the Caucus has gotten the truth but what they are saying isn’t that they must shut down the government or it’s my way or the highway. What they’re saying is can’t we get a tough bite of the apple – can’t we get something when these bills are passed?

Issa said some of the members of the Freedom Caucus were his best men. The members don’t want to wait for the presidency to get anything. That is what most of the members of the Freedom Caucus say and their leader Ron Johnson is hardly unreasonable.



  1. We had 50 or 60 people who thought they were just all that in the Presidential race, so a few dozen thinking they are the epitome of Speakership probably shouldn’t surprise. If I were the Freedom Caucus I think I would demand that the speaker NOT be a member, that it be an honorarium position given to just about the rightest-of-the-right out there in the public, and let one of the other leaders actually run the caucuses and schedule the votes and stuff.

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