Dartmouth’s Cursing, Racist #BlackLivesMatter Group Gets the Apology



#BlackLivesMatter marched through the Dartmouth University library recently, pushing, cornering and cursing the students trying to study. That has been confirmed. They brought some students to tears.

They used language such as:

“F*** you, you filthy white f***s!”

“F*** you and your comfort!”

“F*** you, you racist s***!”

We posted the story here.

Dartmouth released a wussy statement Monday saying they are committed to “free speech”, “public protest”, however, the “safety, well-being, and support of all Dartmouth students remain our highest priorities.”

The Dartmouth paper said the reports of physical violence were just rumor.

Also according to The Dartmouth, remarkably, the Vice Provost apologized for the unfavorable media coverage by those ‘mean’ conservatives:

…Vice provost for student affairs Inge-Lise Ameer was in attendance at the meeting, and she apologized to students who engaged in the protest for the negative responses and media coverage that they have received.

“There’s a whole conservative world out there that’s not being very nice,” Ameer said.

Ameer pointed to the College’s press release that acknowledges that no complaints of violence have been filed with the College at this time and describes the protest as a “peaceful meeting” turned “political protest.”…

The conservative media who criticized the raucous #BlackLivesMatter are now somehow the bad guys.

The stories were accurate according to the protesters because they have a different idea of what can be called violence.

Demonstrator Dan Korff-Korn said:

Many of the demonstrators then approached the sitting students and chanted “F**k your white privilege” and “F**k your white asses,” demonstrator Dan Korff-Korn said.

“It was important to point out that the students sitting there in the library at the computers represented this greater degree of ignorance, apathy and privilege that you see at Dartmouth, but the way it was done by personally attacking people was counterproductive.”

That’s okay? they can further the white privilege bigotry and verbally assault students who are studying?

Protester David Tramonte made another admission:

“While I don’t think the protest should happen again to the extent where people are being yelled at and making people cry, I think the invasion of space needed to be done.”

We all must now live in the fantasy world where #BlackLivesMatter is not a radical group of leftist revolutionaries who behave badly and conservatives are just plain “mean” for mentioning the report from The Dartmouth Review. The bad behavior by the leftists is excused and they get an apology for media coverage?


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7 years ago

One day these Communist loons are going to choke on their own kool-aid, hopefully sooner than later. After all, we all know that this is about power and transforming American educational institutions to re-education, indoctrination CAMPS.

Bruce Bowman
Bruce Bowman
7 years ago

This just reached another ridiculous level of absurd. Each of the protesters that can be identified should be expelled from that campus. Any administrator that makes excuses for them should be terminated at once. Charges of assault should be filed against a lot of the protesters and prosecutions began. The longer we let these spoiled, entitled brats to continue this behavior the worse its going to get. It passed ridiculous when they cried that the Paris killings took away their spotlight….really? If any child of mine acted like that they would be cut off financially and if they did not improve in their social skills real fast they would be cut out of the will. You people are shameless and quite frankly I think the authorities should deport each one of you over this nonsense, if they could find a country willing to take your dumbasses.

White separatist
White separatist
7 years ago

Do these people understand that this is a silly thing. Protest on the south side of Chicago Gary,IN. Harlem LA in the areas where blacks are being killed by their own over nothing. Their are easily fired up by ppl that are sitting down to dinner with whitey. FOOLS.

7 years ago

Dirtmouth. So sick of black people. The more they do this, the more I grow to hate them.