Sad, Stunning, Dashcam Footage of an Incapacitated Tiger Woods


Jupiter, Florida police have released sad and shocking video of Tiger Woods after they found him asleep in his banged up Mercedes Benz with the engine running in the wee hours of Monday morning.

In more than an hour and a half of video, Tiger sways, rolls his eyes and falls asleep as police administer field sobriety tests.

He was eventually arrested for DUI and taken into police custody.

Slurring his words as he tried to answer questions from police, Tiger could barely stand up and kept weaving and bobbing, failing to walk a straight line barefoot after removing his sneakers.

This is a clip.

This is the full video.

Tiger has had back surgery recently and is on a lot of drugs. He’s very lucky he didn’t kill someone. He has money, he should hire a driver.

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