Daughter Hit Trying to Save Mother Pushed In Front of Oncoming Train


A 27-year old Milwaukee woman is in critical condition Wednesday after suffering horrific injuries Sunday as she attempted to save her mother from an oncoming train. Her mother had been allegedly pushed onto the tracks by 28-year old Patrick Brooklin.

Katie Wenszell was vacationing in Atlanta with her mother and sisters when the attack occurred at a MARTA station, Milwaukee’s FOX 6 reported.

One witness told Atlanta’s WGCL-TV, “We were downstairs and a man just started punching people, just going crazy. … He was punching everybody, he hit the girl in the back of the head for no reason,” another witness.

Police officers were on the scene quickly and arrested Brooklin who was charged with aggravated assault and battery.

The girl’s mother Sue is already out of the hospital. She suffered a concussion, fractured elbow and a hairline fracture, Atlanta’s WSB-TV reported.

Katie wasn’t as fortunate. She suffered a brain injury and was scheduled to undergo facial reconstruction surgery, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, citing WSB. In addition, part of her right foot was amputated, and her left shoulder was torn off, the report said.

“Swelling on the brain — they had to drill a hole in her head to relieve the pressure,” WSB reported.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with medical expenses. As of early Wednesday, it had reached $4,100 of a $5,000 goal.


The media reported that no one can figure out a motive. However, considering it a possible hate crime is a start. Demonizing all white people as white supremacists could lead to something like this. It might not be the case in this instance but hopefully, the police are considering it.

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Kevin Bearly (@Braveheart8850)
Kevin Bearly (@Braveheart8850)
5 years ago

Just like people carry very strong bear spray to protect against these wild animals we need to develop kneegrow spray to protect humans from these wild animals.

Barry D
Barry D
5 years ago

Why hasn;t he already been charged with attempted murder?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Indeed, allowing psychotic homeless people to roam the streets and constantly proclaiming whiteness is evil will only place innocent white people in harms way.