David Clarke Responds to Fake News That He Is Under Investigation


The media tried to discredit former Sheriff David A. Clarke with the claim that he is under FBI investigation for an incident that took place in a Milwaukee airport in March of this year. It was an unbelievably petty event in which a man claimed his civil rights were violated.

It did give the FBI an opportunity to go through his emails while he was communicating with President Trump.

By May 9, the former sheriff was exonerated. That isn’t how it was reported by NBC News, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Robert Snell of Detroit News and others.

David Clarke responded Saturday.

The Sheriff has a new website and he has been a non-stop Trump supporter on social media, and he promises the attacks on him will not silence him.

People like David Clarke have a lot of courage.

There is a civil lawsuit, who knows how that will go.

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