David Hogg Says Don’t Go After the Perpetrators of Evil


David Hogg showed up on MSNBC One-on-One to share his thoughts on guns. The man-child is their go-to-guy on guns and the Second Amendment which says something about MSNBC.

He wants Americans to vote in politicians who don’t go after the maniac with a gun who commits the crime. He wants politicians who will go after the sources, not those perpetrating it. Hmmm…one can see why the college applications didn’t come flooding in.

Hogg seems to believe that the sources aren’t the evildoers but rather those who make and sell the chosen weapons. In that case, the MAGA guy who sent bombs to prominent Democrats should be released immediately and pipe manufacturers must be arrested. If someone knifes another, Cutco and other knife manufacturers should be put on notice.


The meaning behind the slogan, a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun, isn’t that the gun stops the bad guy, it’s that we want people to buy two guns, Hogg says.

This is the era of abject silliness in media when someone like David Hogg can go on TV, make absolutely no sense, and keep getting invited back on. And viewers actually listen to him.

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