David Hughes’ Testimony Has a Big Hole In It


David Hughes testified again Thursday and repeated what he said twice before. He claims he overheard a call by Sondland to the President in a restaurant. He further states he heard both ends of the conversation.

Sondland said he didn’t take notes but he’s sure he heard the President’s distinctive voice through the earpiece. “He says he heard him say, President Zelensky will do anything you ask him to do.”

That’s not noteworthy at all. It also sounds unbelievable. Sondland was asked about it yesterday and he said it’s possible.

He asked Ambassador Sondland if it’s true that the President does not “five a s**t about Ukraine.” Sondland agreed it was true. This is hearsay and Sondland has proven himself to be an entirely unreliable witness.


So, here’s the big hole we mentioned in the title. It is hard to believe the President doesn’t care about Ukraine since President Trump armed them after President Obama disarmed them. He is concerned about giving U.S. tax dollars to a corrupt nation and that is his job as President.

Holmes is the one who doesn’t care about Ukraine. He’s telling them the President doesn’t care about their country. That harms relations.

Holmes’ story is a big nothing except Sondland should probably be fired for making the call in a restaurant, if it’s accurate.


Even after Russia invaded Crimea, Barack Obama saw Russia as a simple “spoiler”.

It was then that Obama took weapons away from Ukraine, leaving them defenseless. It was a critical error and inexplicable really.

The Obama Administration did seek to shore up NATO’s eastern flank through the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI), which stationed rotating troops in Poland and the Baltics while increasing the budget for U.S. support. Nevertheless, the President resisted calls from Congress, foreign policy experts, and his own cabinet to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine that would have raised the costs on Russia and helped Kyiv defend itself against Russian military incursion into the Donbas.

In March 2014, Obama handed over Eastern Ukraine to Russia in an absurd underreaction. Putin met with little resistance – some sanctions Putin cared nothing about.

As Obama told Jeffrey Goldberg, Russia’s interests trumped ours.

Obama’s response was to say Russia was merely a ‘regional power” and is invading out of “weakness”.

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