David Irving’s Agent Blames Media for Saying He Planned to Challenge Jerry Jones


David Irving and his ‘Black Power fist in the air’ colleague Damontre Moore stood for the Anthem during today’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and the 49ers. Irving did hold a fist over his heart during the national anthem and then briefly raised it after the song’s conclusion. Six of the 49ers knelt. This is two days after Irving said he had a special protest planned.

Just a day after Dallas Cowboys defensive end David Irving insinuated that he would be making a statement during the national anthem of Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, his agent took it back.

David never said he was going to ‘protest the anthem’ or ‘challenge Jerry’ like the articles that are being circulated are claiming. This is a situation where certain members of the media are twisting his words around to make a story about nothing. These specific individuals have been asking David about the anthem, about his thoughts on Kaepernick, ect. every single day since training camp in August. It’s the same few writers who have been doing this, and I wish they would just leave David alone and let him play football.”

Just two days ago, Irving said he didn’t want to reveal his specific plans for what he might or might not do during the national anthem on Sunday before the Dallas Cowboys take on the San Francisco 49ers.

But the agent also tweeted that a protest is not disrespect [keep telling yourself that Fisher].

If the agent is right, that means the sports writer for The Star-Telegram Drew Davison is either a bald-faced liar or completely incompetent. What Mr. Davison wrote seems pretty clear and he used quotation marks.

Irving told him he made a personal determination to do something to protest police brutality and racial injustice.  He raised a fist with Damontre Moore at a past game.

“I have made a call,” Irving told the Star-Telegram.  Too see what it is, “You’ll just have to wait till Sunday.”

Irving remained adamant that his actions would not “disrespect the flag,” something that owner Jerry Jones said would lead to his organization benching players.

“I hope not since it’s not about the flag in the first place, you know?” Irving said.

Asked if he considered taking a knee, Irving responded: “I can’t say, man.”

Irving said he doesn’t feel a need to consult Jones or Garrett before the game about his plans.

“Nah, it’s not disrespecting the flag,” said Irving, who has family members and friends in the armed services. “It’s not disrespecting the flag.”

Irving said he has had personal experiences with police brutality, although that is not the singular issue he’s focused on.

“It’s a lot of things,” Irving said. “I can’t even rant to you about anything specifically, but it’s not just about police brutality. That’s a part of the big picture.” He said it precedes Donald Trump.

It’s also against whites, Jews and Americans. Colin Kaepernick made it clear that it’s about oppressive America in addition to police brutality and he has made it clear while wearing his Castro t-shirts and his ‘cops as pigs’ socks.

Irving did not know if other players would join him. Moore indicated he no plans of protesting, saying: “I have a job.

The NFL is in the clutches of the Soros leftists who work with the players’ union in an effort to transform another American institution.

It is a fact the spoiled NFL players don’t know what they are talking about. There is no institutional racism and the facts prove it.

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