Day of Rage Communist & Anarchist Rally on Wall Street, September 17th – Constitution Day



The communists and anarchists are planning a day of rage on September 17th, to be held in all 50 states. For those of us lucky enough to live in New York, it will be on Wall Street. September 17th is Constitution Day and their choice of day is no accident.

This is being encouraged by enablers in our own government who support union thuggery.

Remember the We Are One rallies in April when the unions teamed up with the communists to say they are ONE? Well, it’s Deja Vu all over again. The US Day of Rage  idea, in their words, is One citizen. One dollar. One Vote. In other words, they are collectivists (communists & anarchists) and they plan to replace the tea party groups.

The tea party groups are peaceful average Americans who have been vilified. What are the chances, these truly anti-American groups will be vilified in the press or by our administration?

I don’t know if the unions will be visibly involved in this one as they were in April, but it should prove to be a fine example of vulgarity and intolerance. The group claims to be nonviolent, but one of their twitter addresses is @FUCKYOUWASHINGTON.

AFL-CIO President, Richard Trumka, and Communications Workers President, Larry Cohen, who have strong ties to the Democratic Socialists, have declared war on the Tea Party and the average American according  to Trevor Loudon.

From Communist Party USA’s Peoples’ World: –
Organized labor mobilized in congressional districts nationwide in August, with two top leaders saying union activists this year will take the place of the tea party radicals of 2009-10. And the unionists, leaders and organizers say, are mad.

In separate telephone conferences, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Communications Workers President Larry Cohen laid out the ambitious agenda. They said unionists demand lawmakers stop paying attention to Wall Street and resume paying attention to Main Street – and specifically to measures to create jobs…

Cohen declared the mobilization not only would tackle current demands, such as preserving Social Security and Medicare and fighting for job creation, but that it carries an implied political message: Politicians who do not support workers and their causes will not get labor’s endorsements or money in elections this fall and next year.

As evidence, he cited the New Jersey AFL-CIO convention, which voted on endorsements in this fall’s state legislative races. To get statewide endorsements, candidates needed votes from delegates representing 67 percent of the state’s unionists.

New Jersey Democrats who supported GOP Gov. Chris Christie’s law cutting state workers’ pension benefits and increasing their contributions – including one unionist who is state Assembly speaker – flunked. Many got majorities; none got two-thirds.

“People are ready to be at town halls and meetings in August, confronting them,” Cohen said of politicians who either actively oppose workers or who sit on their hands. “This will not be like two years ago” where the tea party dominated the debate, he said…

“We spent the last couple of months dealing with a politically manufactured debt ceiling crisis, not the jobs crisis,” Trumka said, referring to the debt-deficit deal and the brinkmanship, pushed by the tea party radicals, that led to the deal.

“Working people will fight back, with allies, to say ‘Enough is enough,’” he added.

Recently Al Gore had Olbermann inteview him on his own channel, whatever the hay that channel is, and Gore called for an American Arab Spring without the tea party. I am sure that if there is property damage or violence, Al Gore will take responsibility and Maureen Dowd will rage at them on the op-ed pages of the New York Times.

If you go to, you can see for yourself. They hope to occupy Wall Street.

From their site: –> “Occupy Wall Street” September 17th, 2011, in order to express your views that you have had absolutely enough of the lies fed to you by Wall Street. Bring your body your tent and your voice and occupy Wall Street beginning September 17th for as long as you can. You are not alone, and we need your support. We, at US Day of Rage, fully endorse and support our partner’s call to

The site continues along those lines with additional links and, believe me, there are lots of people blogging on the sites connected to these links. It is hard to believe there are so many un-American people who would threaten our democracy, but there are.

They are calling for people to support their European brothers – by that they mean the violent ingrates who are tearing up England. The plan is to get 20,000 to eventually occupy Wall Street for months. The European Revolution group, to which they are aligning themselves, is calling for a world revolution for democracy.

Don’t kid yourself, they are not calling for democracy as we know it. There is nothing Jeffersonian about what they want. They are communists and anarchists. They are generally inclusive of anti-Israeli groups.

Their looney site also proclaims their partnership with the Julian Assange group, WL Central.

There is no way to know, at this time, how many protesters they will actually get. There could be a hundred, tens of thousands, it’s anyone’s guess.


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