Day of Ragers Want A Political Revolution With A Little Help From Their Friends


Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon showed up on Wall Street this week to praise the occupy Wall Street totalitarians. Michael Moore said, “I am so impressed by what I’m seeing here. You have done something very important and very historic. It had to happen somewhere, it might as well been here,”

Moore reminded me of the line from the movie, Little Man, Big Man, when the chief says, “My heart soars like a hawk to see you here my son.” The difference of course is that the Chief was likeable and intelligent.

The occupy Wall Street gang, which I have been reporting on, has one theme that stands out – destroy Capitalism. The occupiers chant their disgust for the 1% and call themselves the 99%ers. They insult the cops and bait them. I was there and heard them planning these activities.

They also support the cop killer, recently executed in Georgia, they want Pvt. Manning released, they are pro-Palestinian, want a National Socialist Party (as in NAZI), they hate the police and had many anti-police brutality signs, they are strongly pro-union, and they are clear about wanting the end of Capitalism, and the overthrow of our government.

Keith Olbermann, who is anchoring the Al Gore channel that no one can find, was on air complaining that no media is not covering it, and said this about the occupy Wall Street gang activities, to paraphrase…it started Saturday when a thousand people marched into Wall Street over their anger of how the financial system treats the majority of Americans, what they call the 99%ers, and to draw attention to the misdeeds of Wall Street. They’ve been confronted with an ever-increasing police presence…

No bias with Olbermann of course.

From the beginning, without much effort, I found articles about Anonymous, the occupy Wall Street gang, on ABC, the NY Times, and Fox, though Olbermann claims it was only on two media outlets, one of which was in Toronto. Then Olbermann went on to depict them as justifiably angry youth bucking the menacing police, which is a blatant lie. The police have been restrained and professional. They are NY’s finest. Listen to the Olbermann video here if you must: Olbermann lying

Michael Moore went to Wall Street to talk about how it warms his heart to see the occupiers. Moore is a Communist. I don’t know if he admits it or claims to be a Socialist, but when it walks like a Communist, talks like a Communist, and spews Communist propaganda, I have to say it’s a Communist.

Now we have Democratic Socialist, Cornell West stirring the pot as he has these kids mindlessly chant nonsense.

The one thing people need to know is that Democratic Socialists, Socialists, and Communists in this country are working as one for a political revolution. I’ve documented this in previous articles. These groups join in each other’s far left causes. They might as well be one party here in the United States. They often use disaffected youth in this country to further their causes.

Seventy members of our Congress are members of the Democratic Socialists, including most members of the CBC.


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