‘Day Without Women’ Organizers Want Men to Think of How They Will Support the Strike


The much-hyped Day Without Women strike — worldwide, has released their guidelines.

They also want men to think about how they might support these women. You might like this response.

Their guidelines:

First, the organizers have asked that women truly take the day off, abstaining from paid or unpaid labor. Second, participants are asked to avoid shopping on the day — with exceptions made for small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses. Third, organizers ask that participants wear red to show solidarity with the strikers.

Some women, like myself, actually have to work.

The Day Without Women is operating on a sexist theme and includes the usual complaints about blacks, transgenders,  equal pay, mass migration, open borders, Standing Rock, planned parenthood, climate change, minimum wage, living wages, mass immigration, and anti-Donald Trump.

The event was organized by a couple of murderers and all three organizers are communists. Any woman who follows them and involves themselves in this march are beneath contempt.

The feminists like to march around with the symbol of female slavery — the burqa — and claim they stand for freedom.

It’s all very confusing because I don’t know what freedoms men have in the United States that women don’t have.

When will they march for these women?

People on Twitter are mocking them.

The worst of it is they are acting under the leadership of three monstrous women.


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