Days before the inauguration, a Lord told the FBI the dossier was junk


At least twice, the Mueller team was warned that the Steele dossier was filled with inaccuracies, but now there is allegedly more exculpatory evidence that will expose the entire Russiagate fiasco as a setup, John Solomon reports.

A  memo believed dated January 12th, 2017, a week prior to the President’s inauguration, proves the FBI was warned that the Steele dossier was very unreliable and possibly a total fake. The FBI knew about it and so did the Obama administration.

Britain’s top national security official sent a private communique to the incoming administration addressing his country’s participation in the counterintelligence probe into the now-debunked Trump-Russia election collusion.

Most significantly, then-British national security adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant claimed in the memo, hand-delivered to incoming U.S. national security adviser Mike Flynn’s team, that the British government lacked confidence in the credibility of former MI6 spy Christopher Steele’s Russia collusion evidence, according to congressional investigators who interviewed witnesses familiar with the memo.

Congressional investigators interviewed two U.S. officials who handled the memo and they alerted the DOJ to it. One witness was interviewed by Robert Mueller about the memo.

This was less than a month after the dossier was made public.

The investigators are trying to get hold of the memo.

Flynn appears to have no recollection of the document which means he didn’t tell Trump. Both Flynn and Trump were buried in inauguration details at the time.

A whistleblower personally handed the document to Flynn and had it sent for preservation in the national security archives of the Trump transition team.


“The message was clear: the Brits were saying they may have done some stuff to assist the investigation that they now regretted after learning the whole thing was based on information from Steele,” the former U.S. official told reporter John Solomon. “They wanted Trump’s team to know they did not think Steele’s information was credible or reliable.

“They also wanted Trump to know whatever they had done, they did only at the Americans’ request and didn’t want it to get in the way of cooperating with the U.S.”

The information was never turned over to congressional investigators.

Attorney General Barr and DOJ IG have the information.

It would mean that Trump was never told of the warning Flynn’s team received and that the FBI and DOJ continued to rely on Steele’s uncorroborated allegations for many months as they renewed the FISA warrant at least two more times and named Mueller as special prosecutor to investigate Russia collusion.

Devin Nunes has been trying unsuccessfully to get the communiqué. The implicated parties aren’t talking to Mr. Solomon.


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