Dayton Killer Marched with Antifa in May, Armed & Ready


According to authorities, The Dayton killer was “exploring violent ideologies.” It appears Antifa was one of those ideologies.

Connor Betts, the Dayton mass shooter who self-described as a socialist and Warren supporter, marched with about 600 Antifa and Black Bloc in Dayton in May to protest 9 KKK agitators. He was armed at the time.

Connor Betts marching armed with Antifa

While authorities haven’t identified the specific “violent ideologies” that the shooter had been “exploring,” the evidence seems to suggest they had to be far-left. The rally he attended was as a member or participant of the violent, communist anarchists Antifa.

“The May 25 rally attracted about 500 to 600 counter-protesters who opposed the nine Klansman who came from Indiana and protested in Courthouse Square,” the Dayton Daily News reported Tuesday. Talk about overkill.

The May 25 rally attracted about 500 to 600 counter-protesters who opposed the nine Klansman who came from Indiana and protested in Courthouse Square. The counter-protest group was fenced off away from the Klansman and several people in the crowd were seen carrying firearms.

Betts wore a bandanna covering part of his face and sunglasses. He spoke briefly with a reporter in the crowd during the event. He carried a gun which appeared to be similar in style to the one used in Sunday’s shooting.

People are now saying the leftist Betts targeted blacks at the bar but we can’t confirm that and it doesn’t seem consistent with his Antifa beliefs. He killed his own sister and tried to kill his best friend, both white. The FBI said they saw no racial motive in what they have uncovered so far.


He’d likewise been someone who frequently retweeted hyperbolic left-wing talking points from notable Democrat figures like socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and presidential candidates Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

The Dayton Daily News confirmed that the shooter was also a registered Democrat — one whose friends have admitted was “definitely not a right-leaning person.” He was a supporter of far-left politicians and regurgitated their talking points.

He was pro-gun control.

Betts had long expressed support for Antifa accounts, causes, and individuals, the NY Post reports. Antifa are anarchist communists. They are fascists who think everyone else is a fascist.

“Kill every fascist,” the shooter declared in one 2018 on twitter. His tweets grew more violent after that. “Nazis deserve death and nothing else,” he tweeted last October. Betts frequently flung the label “Nazi” at those with whom he disagreed online.

If anyone’s rhetoric caused him to grow more violent, it was the left’s.

By December, he reached out on Twitter to the Socialist Rifle ­Association, an Antifa gun group, to comment about bump stocks, and the SRA responded to him.

In the months leading to his rampage, Betts called for an armed confrontation. He hated Trump and replied to an essay at the Intercept by Mehdi Hassan, writing, “Arm, train, prepare.”

Maybe the rampage is Hassan’s fault. [Of course, we don’t mean that but if Trump can be blamed, Hassan also has to be blamed.]

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