Dayton Killer’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out


From what the friends are saying, he was no white supremacist, he was mentally ill.

A former girlfriend of the Dayton killer, Connor Betts, said that he was struggling with mental illness as she is. They hooked up after meeting at a community college class, an bonded over their mutual struggles.

They dated for a few months but broke up months ago.

On their first date, he showed her a video of a mass shooting and took her to a gun range. Her feeling is he just didn’t get the help he needed.

An ex-friend of Betts spoke to the Dayton Daily News.

Will El-Fakir told the Dayton Daily News that he fell out with Betts after he pulled out a gun and held it near El-Fakir’s head five months ago. “He was getting a little violent with friends… He started bringing guns around us for no particular reason,” said El-Fakir, adding that Betts was using drugs and “was definitely not in a right state of mind.”

El-Fakir also claimed Betts was making increasingly troubling remarks about shooting up bars, saying: “There were times when he went to bars and just scoped the place out… He’d say, ‘If I brought this-or-that through here, it would have done some damage.’”

El-Fakir also described Betts as leaning to the left and said: “Believe it or not, he was actually pro-gun control. He was actually anti-Second Amendment.”

No one took him seriously!

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