DC Mayor Marvels at Cuba’s Communist Education and Healthcare

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of DC
Muriel Bowser, Mayor of DC

Washington Regional leaders, including DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and DC schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson joined the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on a mission to Cuba to develop economic and cultural ties [despite the embargo].

Some of the people chosen for the trip were serious leftists and no good can come from our leftists strengthening ties with the violent, repressive communists in Cuba.

In a statement prior to the taxpayer-funded journey, the Chamber wrote of the visit, “In addition, the delegation will visit primary and secondary schools and the University of Havana to learn lessons on how literacy, graduation and retention rates, and other educational successes remain consistently high. Delegates will tour research hospitals and local clinics to learn about strategies that achieve high health standards amid a scarcity of resources.”

They are not only spreading the lie that the Cuban healthcare and education system are good, they are going to learn why and possibly model aspects.

There are differing opinions of the closed-communist society but some praise it.

“A city is only as strong as the health and well-being of its residents,” said Mayor Bowser. “No matter your background or economic status, everyone has the right to quality health care – and it’s encouraging to see that Cuba has made that a top priority,” Bowser’s website pontificates.

There is also a section praising Cuba’s support of LGBTQ health, all while they suppress their people.

The delegation visited a special needs school. Interestingly, the UN hopes to gain control of children, beginning with special needs children. The UN wants government, not children and parents, to be responsible for every child’s education which is why Common Core and the Department of Education are so dangerous in the United States.

“Washington, DC has seen great gains in our education system,” said Mayor Bowser. “Given Cuba’s emphasis on a strong education, I know there’s a lot we can learn from each other. The District will continue to draw on best practices from around the globe as we close the achievement gap and prepare the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow,” the far-left Muriel Bowser wrote after her visit to the citadel of communist ideology – the University of Havana.

Taken to a school of 100 obviously hand-selected students, Mayor Bowser and Chancellor Henderson had positive words for their “high-quality teaching.”

A government-run indoctrination center is “high-quality” apparently.

This was after the girls and boys launched into a 30-minute song-and-dance tribute to the life of Jesús Suárez Gayol, the revolutionary communist-criminal fighter and namesake of the school. As is typical in communist societies, they rewrite history. The man was a monster.

The children lined the hallways, clapped in rhythmic unison and took turns quoting Fidel Castro. And for a finale, ninth-grade students with such titles as “Leader of labor and responsibility” directed their peers to lock hands and sing “We Are the World.” Again, Castro was a mass-murderer who has suppressed his people and lived off their sweat and tears.

Students in Cuba have no access to the outside world and are denied the Internet. They have few books. They are denied travel, they are denied truth.

Bowser actually said, “the communist nation, where teachers earn the equivalent of about $25 a month, has shown that Cuba gets “more for its money” when it comes to education.”

Brainwashing comes cheap.

Not everyone was enthralled. Several members of the delegation talked of “brainwashing” and “indoctrination.”

The UN has singled Cuba out as preeminent among developing Latin American nations for near-universal literacy, ignoring the fact that they are learning lies and misinformation.

Children are chosen for vocational or college by the government. Children don’t choose a thing. That’s what happens with “free” education from the government – they call the shots.

After high school or college, there are government jobs waiting for everyone. Most residents in cities never make more than $40 a month — in rural areas, less than $20 — plus food rations and free health care. Every Cuban must complete three years of compulsory service to the government in their assigned jobs after their schooling; most keep those jobs for the rest of their lives.

Martin Carnoy of Stanford told The Washington Post it would not translate well to the US for the obvious reasons.

“Schools do not count on the parents to be responsible for their kids’ education. It is the state that is responsible. . . And it has a highly functioning bureaucracy to make sure kids learn what they are supposed to.”

“…Educators are trained to teach the same lessons every year to every student. School principals do not direct policy but maintain logs of personal information about all teachers and students, from where they live to whether a student’s parents are alcoholics, Carnoy said.

Graciella Cruz-Taura, a Cuban-history scholar and sometime critic of the Cuban regime, said she was stunned by the D.C. mayor’s willingness to hold Cuban schools up as a model. “It’s a disservice to Americans,” she said. “I can certainly think of other education systems that are doing better in the free world.”

About 35 percent of DC students still fail to graduate, and the numbers are far worse among poor students of color. Cuba doesn’t have the answers they need.

The Cuban government tour guide relayed the message from the government, “You complete your study and then you are assigned to a job. But remember: It is not about the money,” she said. “It’s important to have a professional labor force in the country. Remember: You have to meet the government’s needs.”

That’s right! Only the government elite get the money!

Our tax dollars are paying for these trips. It’s not clear it was money well-spent.


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