De Blasio Doubles Down on Seizing Buildings, Stealing for Free Vacations


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, doubled down on his comments earlier this week exposing his communist credentials. During his State of the Union, he announced a number of ‘freebies’ he planned to give away like health care and vacations. But what really got attention was Wilhelm’s intention to seize buildings from landlords he and his minions decide are unfit.


In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, the Progressive/Communist Democrat stood by his comments during the “State of the Union” in which he said:

“Here’s the truth, brothers, and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. Plenty of money in this city,” de Blasio said in his sixth State of the City speech. “It’s just in the wrong hands!”

Did you catch the ‘brothers and sisters’ thingy? It’s the second most popular appellation by communists outside of ‘comrades.’ Wilhelm believes he has the right to steal from those with the “wrong hands”

Tapper pointed out it was “pretty radical”, and the commie agreed, and told Tapper to “look at what’s happening in my city. Look what’s happening all over the country,” noting how “millions” can barely make ends meet and “people get less and less back.”

As is typical, he blamed it on the “rigged” system, the “one percent”, and “Ronald Reagan.” What he didn’t consider is the fact that the problems are the result of his policies, and to some degree, Bloomberg’s.

He also argued the recent tax law was the problem, even though that has made the country more prosperous. Wilhelm would have been fine if New York continued to get the tax subsidies they were getting.


He wants to give health care and two-week vacations to those he feels have the “right hands” by taking it from the “wrong hands.” He will seize privately-owned buildings.

The leftist Democrat knows he can get away with stealing money because New York is vital to the capitalism on which our Republic is delicately balanced, and there are lots of rich people living in the city or environs. But, there is a limit. Move the Stock Exchange out, and what does New York have really?

When de Blasio said he wanted to guarantee health care for all, including illegals [with stolen funds], Tapper jumped in and asked, “You are not talking about fairness.”

“You are saying these people have money and it’s wrong that they have money. Not that they have money, they live exorbitant or wealthy lifestyles and can give more to help these people,” he continued.

Wilhelm will decide who the winners and losers are

“You’re saying it’s wrong they have money. Who is deciding whether it’s wrong?” Tapper pressed.

“It’s clear to me why it’s wrong because government policies gave the one percent every conceivable leg up,” de Blasio replied. “This was not by accident. As I say, this was an agenda. It was systematic. You go back decades, you go back even to the time of Dwight Eisenhower. We had some of the highest tax rates on the wealthy that this country ever saw. We had a prosperous country,” he said.

The fool never mentions that no one paid that. The tax was a holdover from the Democrat administrations.

“We had that prosperity pretty well shared among different people, including working people in this country,” he claimed, suggesting he believes that 90% tax rate is perfectly acceptable.

The hardcore leftist can’t wait to steal from the rich to implement his wealth redistribution scheme.

The economic buffoon contended that over time, there was a “systematic agenda to take that money and get it more and more in the hands of the few.”

The mayor argued that this was “not an accident.” He’s a little paranoid.

“Democrats and Progressives need to be blunt about this,” he said. “And people will appreciate that bluntness.”

This is the same jerk who gave Amazon billions in freebies in exchange for moving a facility into Queens, New York. The communists and corporations now run the city.




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