De Blasio Has A Job Opening for An Emissary to Spread His Agenda Nationwide


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Mayor Bill de Blasio is looking to bring New York City’s radical socialism to cities throughout the country and he’s hiring someone to do it. Those of you who think you can’t be influenced by the corruption and statism in New York need to rethink that. De Blasio is sure going to try.

De Blasio has been traveling the country trying to influence the politics of the nation with his leftist plan for social justice. Barack Obama has claimed it is actually his Progressive agenda that de Blasio is ripping off. It’s also Bernie Sanders’ and Elizabeth Warren’s agenda.

De Blasio is stepping up his efforts to infect the rest of the nation with Progressivism aka radical socialism by employing a community organizer to help.

The New York Post reported that Mayor de Blasio’s office is looking for someone to fill the position of “Director of Mayors Organizing in the Mayor’s Office for Intergovernmental Affairs”. This taxpayer-funded job is to promulgate his personal ideology – he hopes to be president one day.

The job would entail traveling the country to get the nation’s mayors on board with his far, far, far-left agenda. It was posted on The Idealist on Jun23rd.

The ad says the position requires “political and/or issue-organizing campaigns”, in other words, they are looking for a community organizer like the kind ACORN might employ for example.

“S/he will be responsible for overseeing the program to engage mayors from across the country on issues of importance to the administration,” the ad reads.

The job will involve creating and leading strategies, using social media, creating organizing materials, organizing large events, building coalitions, and managing conference calls and events.

This is how the leftists operate. They are insidious and spread like a cancer before anyone knows they have the disease. They control us now by having taken over the heavily-populated cities. They’re organized and driven if nothing else.

The agenda de Blasio wants to spread is his 13-point plan, The Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality. It was authored in part by Joseph Stigliz, the left-wing economist at the left-wing Roosevelt Institute. Stiglitz is a revolutionary socialist who advises George Soros. Stiglitz also advises the Pope on climate change and has said that Barack Obama is “too conservative”.

This position will require a lot of travel paid for by New York City.

Let me get this straight, de Blasio wants to spread his socialist agenda around the country and New York City taxpayers have to pay for it. I think I have that right.

Unfortunately, this new de Blasio employee could help infect other cities in what can only be described as planned totalitarianism.

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h/t Grace Colucci, researcher, photographer for The Sentinel



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