De Blasio Sets the Stage for Union Freebies


Sandanista-loving Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, who came into office with incredibly strong union support, probably has every intention of giving away the store, literally.

He agrees with the United Federation of Teachers that teachers must not be evaluated based on tests or other objective measures. He wants Universal Pre-K and after-school programs to be paid for by income tax increases and he wants to close Charter schools. What he also wants to do is strengthen the teacher’s union.

He wants to strengthen the public sector unions period.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg challenged DeBlasio to slash union benefits, which are strangling the city; to do it for the good of the city. He told DeBlasio it is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to slash pensions and health benefits and restore solvency to the city.

DeBlasio responded by saying Bloomberg left him with a fiscal crisis (he intends to blame Bloomberg for everything) and failed to reach any union settlements.

The 152 unions are waiting for the ‘generous’ socialist to start his term with freebies which is why there were no settlements.


Bloomberg said the unions can take 1.25% annual raises which he allotted in the budget.

That is more than our military are getting.

De Blasio said, instead, he will talk with the unions about innovative ways to provide cheaper and better health care, which will undoubtedly result in more benefits to the unions.

De Blasio appointed a Progressive, Dean Fuleihan, as budget director which is proof he will move a very aggressive Progressive budget forward.

“We’re going to shift the way we provide economic development subsidies,” De Blasio said. “We’re going to move away from the approach of the past that favored large corporations, and we’re going to move subsidies towards, as I said many times, small businesses and towards the City University of New York.”

Just as an aside, we like to call City U, Commie U. They and some of their professors were a force in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  for more information.

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