De Blasio Will Give Papers to Illegal Aliens, He Must Have a Pen and a Phone



Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio, the new communist mayor of New York City is going to give papers to undocumented workers, i.e. illegal aliens, so life will go easier for them. I don’t doubt his criteria will be negligible.

Bill de Blasio, in a speech at Queens College, said that all illegals will be given papers so they ‘can live a more normal life.’

Will he have any checks and balances to see if these people are criminals, terrorists, ne’er-do-wells? Of course he won’t.

Of the 8 million people in New York City, 2.3 million are Hispanic, the yahoo article reported. Why mention it? How many of these 2.3 million are illegal, I can’t say, but there are people here illegally from all over the world, and from some very dangerous places. He will be giving them papers too.

De Blasio said, “To all of my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented, I say: New York City is your home too, and we will not force ANY of our residents to live their lives in the shadows.”

He wants them to be able to open bank accounts which they can do now. He wants them to be able to sign leases. They do that now. He didn’t mention voting but they do that now.

Great idea Bill. Where is the money coming from I wonder. The overwhelming majority of illegals here in New York are on some form of subsistence and sending out an invitation for them to come here and live a normal life isn’t the best idea I’ve heard.

“We will protect the almost half-million undocumented New Yorkers whose voices too often go unheard,” de Blasio said.

Can you hear my voice Bill? I can’t afford your generosity with my money. Never mind that he is robbing us of our sovereignty. He wants everyone to come freely because he is counting on them voting for him and his fellow communists.

What do you give our chances for survival here in New York?

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