De Blasio’s Fixes for NYC Will Look Like Early Onset Communism


Income inequality is the populist concept by which the Obama administration and NYCs Bill de Blasio will institute Marxist redistribution in the US and NY. It is integral to their manifesto.

commie de blasio

The real Bill de Blasio

Income inequality has increased under Mr. Obama but he has chosen to champion the cause as a means by which he can institute his Progressive aka Communist policies. Bill de Blasio intends to use his bully pulpit as NYC mayor to support those same ideals and push them through in NYC.

De Blasio’s attack on the rich was constant throughout his campaign. If they are smart, they will keep their eyes on the exit sign.

The charming horse-drawn carriages that take tourists on trips through Central Park are first on his agenda of destruction. False claims by extremist animal rights and environmentalist groups that all the animals are mistreated are de Blasio’s reason for eliminating this $19 million dollar industry. The carriage drivers joined the Teamsters in recent years as the battle heated up and now have some support from the left. 

One group, NYCLASS, New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets, wants to replace them with vintage electric cars. 

In any case, Bloomberg supported the carriage drivers and de Blasio will certainly go on a crusade to get rid of the iconic feature.

“There’s a progressive movement in this country that’s having a real effect,” Mr de Blasio said. “It’s clear that something is happening around this country and that the inequalities we’re facing are becoming just fundamentally unacceptable.”

Progressives are Communists.

De Blasio will make income inequality the theme of his new administration. De Blasio will increase taxes on those making more than $500,000 a year to pay for universal all-day pre-K which will include a Common Core brainwashing program. He will also use the taxes to expand paid sick leave as a payback to unions and he will allow illegals access to state tuition assistance at taxpayer expense, a benefit many citizens cannot receive. He will also give illegals driver’s licenses. He intends to give illegals complete parity with citizens and then some.

He plans to overhaul the police department and ban ‘stop and frisk’. Criticism has led him to appoint Bill Bratton the “supercop” who made his name in the 1990s as New York’s police commissioner when he pioneered the “broken windows” school of “zero tolerance” for even minor crimes.

DeBlasio knows the city has to remain under control or he will lose support.

De Blasio dealt with criticism of his attacks against the financial industry by appointing a Goldman Sachs executive to a key position overseeing the financial services industry.

That doesn’t mean he suddenly likes policing or Wall Street. It shows he has a pragmatic side. Those things can stay on the back burner while he disrupts the educational system – he is a big supporter of Common Core and centralization of eduction. He will also spend his time raiding the pockets of taxpayers to pay for illegals, the poor, and anyone HE feels is being treated unequally.

The other issues dear to the Progressive heart of fundamental transformation can wait.

His model won’t reflect traditional America. It will reflect Karl Marx.


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