De Blasio Behind Rapid Hiring of Muslims in the NYPD


Isn’t favoring one religion over another unconstitutional? In the least it’s unfair and unAmerican. Apparently separation of church and state goes by the wayside when you recruit Muslims. People aren’t allowed to mention God if they’re Christians.


The Communist Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio (photo above) is behind the fast track hiring of many, many Muslims in the New York Police Department (they can keep their beards, hi jabs et cetera). The idea behind it is if they hire Muslims, the communication with the community will improve.

hijab cops

Following that line of reasoning, should we hire people just out of prison so we have fewer problems with criminals?

The fact that the terrorists could infiltrate the police in the 9/11 state escapes people like de Blasio and fake liberals like Barack Obama.

The other reason the officials say they are doing this is to help refine the kind of outreach that stifles overseas terror groups. That reminds me of how we brought in the Libyan militia to protect Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

In general, recruiting one religious group is unAmerican. It’s hard to know how they can get away with that.

Currently, we have 800 Muslim police officers and 20 are higher ranked officials.

One officer killed a teen and received an award for it so maybe we should hire more of them so cops can be rewarded for killing teens instead of being pilloried?

The rapid increase of Muslims in the NYPD began with de Blasio entering office. Oh, and by the way, he’s stopped surveillance of Muslims.

No one was stopping Muslims from applying and being accepted into the NYPD so why are we favoring them? I thought we were secularists.

If that isn’t enough, the NYPD has a cadet program to recruit Muslim college students. They get a stipend and a fast-track to the job. That will most assuredly give the officials no chance to vet these people.

The officials think it will give overseas terrorists less opportunity to radicalize the young. I see it as an opportunity to radicalize police officers.

Muslim leaders think the more the better. That is according to Ibrahim Hooper, a convert and immigrant from Canada, who is the National Communications Director and spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a terror-tied organization which was established by the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR serves as the U.S. mouthpiece for the Brotherhood and was tied to The Holy Land Foundation case.

“The more Muslims who work in the NYPD the better,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “This is a way to break down the mistrust and create bridges in the community. Where an informant breaks down trust, a law enforcement officer builds it.”

Hooper wanted to keep Bill Maher from speaking at UC Berkeley and has labeled him an Islamophobe. Hooper is a proponent of limits to free speech and is an avid apologist for terrorists as well as a virulent opponent of profiling.

It’s all about trust, the officials say. Winning their trust apparently means becoming subservient to them and adapting to them. It means favoring them over other religions in a country that does not allow the mixing of religion and government.

Where’s Mikey Weinstein and where is the Freedom from Religion Foundation? Oh, right, they only hate Christians.

h/t ShoebatChronCry and Howl

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7 years ago

Can we all get together and impeach the communist mayor? Only 11% of the electorate voted him into office. This proves how wrong it is to skip voting.

7 years ago

Trust is earned not given! This guy needs a straight jacket!