De Blasio’s Waterloo? He’s Campaigning for Prez During NYC’s Crippling Blackout 


While a huge swarth of New York City was enduring a crippling power outage, the mayor of that great metropolis was thousands of miles away, continuing his quixotic journey to become President of the United States.   

At the same time, much of Manhattan suffered from stalled subways and trains, snarled traffic, shuttered restaurants, people trapped in elevators, a canceled Beyonce’s MSG concert, and Broadway shows hustling paying customers into the streets; Mayor Bill De Blasio was in Waterloo! 

But Warren Wilhelm Jr., Bill De Blasio’s political stage name, was not at the site of Napoleon’s historic defeat in Belgium.  Instead, the nomadic, starry-eyed, socialist, was tilting at presidential windmills, halfway across the country in Iowa.  

Yes, Sentinel readers, there is a Waterloo, Iowa.  And it seems appropriate, that two centuries after one man with a highly oversized opinion of himself saw the end of his dream at a town with that fateful name, another ego-driven fellow with otherworldly expectations could suffer the same end.   

Wouldn’t it be deliciously ironic if  Iowa’s Waterloo, became Bill De Blasio’s Waterloo?

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4 years ago

This guy is nuts. Just like the rest of the commiecrats vying for the prez spot. Kinda hard to choose which one is the more deranged.
This mayor of NYC is in the lead for that position. When will the law-abiding citizens of NY state and NYC have enough of their commiecrat pols?

Wlliam August
Wlliam August
4 years ago

He must be suffering from illusions of grandeur to even think about running for President… An absolute jerk even to the NYCity voters now that t hey’ve seen him in inaction. Waterloo, Iowa has to be ashamed that he even chose to campaign there. He is a total disgrace !!!