De Paul U Students Fight Against Deportation of a Terrorist-Killer


De Paul University held a fundraiser February 3rd for a convicted terrorist who is about to be – hopefully – deported out of the United States.

The students honored her at this event. They are raising money for her legal defense and to further the false tale that she is a victim of Zionist oppression.

Cornell law professor William A. Jacobson posted irrefutable original documentation on his website Legal Insurrection that completely negates her argument.

RasmeaStudents at DePaul University are rallying around this terrorist killer – Rasmea Odeh (photo above). She was convicted in Israel but released in a prisoner exchange. She made her way to the United States via Jordan and lied twice on her immigration application, claiming she had no criminal record.

Many of the students supporting her are aligned with Hamas or communists and that’s why they support her.

In the next picture, you can see her sporting her brilliant smile.

murderess Rasmea

She was convicted of immigration fraud and is awaiting a March decision on her deportation.

Rasmea and her group, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, blew up a grocery store in Israel in 1969 killing innocent civilians – two students aged 21 and 22. It’s ironic that students are supporting her.

They set off the bomb knowing it was a crowded area filled with women and children.

They tried to blow up the British consulate the next day.

Murdered Israeli students Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner are seen below.

innocents murdered

Rasmea can be seen pumping her commie fist in the photo below via Legal Insurrection.

Rasmea's commie pump up

She is the face of a communist-Islamic national movement to save her from deportation because they really think we need people like her here.

She is represented by Andrew Dalack who is with the Palestine Subcommittee of the National Lawyer’s Guild, which is a communist front organization that has been behind Occupier and Ferguson riots.

Anyone who disagrees is labeled a Zionist and she – a vicious killer – is being depicted as the victim of Zionist oppression.

Rasmea was active in Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Dalack agrees, but it was before they were labeled a terrorist organization. Dalack also said she misunderstood the questions on the application (which shouldn’t change anything – she’s a terrorist who should be sent back to whatever hellhole she’s from).

Dalack’s also using her as a means to say all Muslims are under an unlawful law enforcement microscope.

Rasmea is also claiming that the Israelis raped and abused her and she is innocent.

Give me a break.

Also working for Rasmea is Dema Khalidi who founded and directs the Palestine Solidarity Legal Support (PSLS) a group funded by George Soros. She works with the National Lawyer’s Guild and her organization is particularly active on college campuses.

She is also aligned with Hamas-CAIR.

She asserted in a recent conference that allegations by “Zionist organizations” that Palestinian groups are funneling money to Hamas are “inciting law enforcement investigations”. Even though it’s true, she wants it stopped.

In a recent article penned for the hill, Dima wrote, ‘It’s a crushing feeling when, despite the tireless work of a community to expose the injustice behind a prosecution, and the valiant efforts of the defense team, the government relentlessly goes after a woman who has already suffered endlessly at Israel’s hands.”

So, a murderess of innocents is a victim in the world of communists and Islamo-Fascists and the useful idiots at DePaul U who help further the cause.

A vigil was organized by a Rabbi to remember her victims. See the photo below which came via Legal Insurrection.

Israeli students remembering Ramea's victims

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