Deadbeat Dad/Son Mike Rotondo Calls Police on Parents Over a Lego Set


Deadbeat dad/deadbeat son, 30-year-old millennial loser Michael Rotondo, actually called the police on his own parents this week after they refused to let him back into the house to look for his son’s lego set.

We kid you not!

He became famous recently for living off his parents until they finally had to get an eviction order from a judge.

As he packed to leave their home, he insisted on going back into the house for the lego set but the parents barred him from entering and said they would fetch any items for him.

He recently lost custody of his son so it’s not even clear why he needed them that minute. The refusal of the parents to let him back in led to him calling the police on them.

According to The Post-Standard, the legos turned up by the time the police arrived.

Listen to this fool complain about having to pack his meager belongings into a truck. “It was a lot of work to get everything packed up,” he whined to media.

He doesn’t care one whit about his long-suffering parents and said he will never speak with them again. The fool has no shame.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
5 years ago

These parents were 10 years too late in getting their son out of the house. It’s as if they were co-dependent. Unfortunately, these modern entitled adult spoiled brats don’t have a work ethic or a sense of personal responsibility.