Deadly Knockout Game Is Spreading Throughout the Country


knockout game

Photo of victim of knockout game in London. The criminal, Michael Ayoade, was caught by police. His defence was that she deserved it because she had an “unfriendly face” that he was “intimidated by her”.

Milwaukee, Chicago, Lansing, New Jersey and New York are reporting cases of the Point ’em Out, Knock ’em Out game that has finally made the news in New York. Apparently cases have been reported since 2009. One man has died and another shot his attacker who has two bullet holes in him and is serving a year in jail.

Teens are saying that the attacks are not gang-related. They are bored.

To date, all the perpetrators appear to be black and all the victims appear to be white.

Listen to this video:

The game is believed to have hit Philadelphia, check it out on this link.

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