Deadly Lib Policies Prove Dems Have Blown the Right to Vote?


Al Breer

Last week, following the shooting on the campus of Umpqua Community College, and with bodies barely cold, NFL reporter Albert Breer decided it was time to rewrite the Constitution. Apparently seeing his role as football analyst too limited, he took on the Second Amendment by tweeting that the latest killing field in a gun free zone, “… evidence….the American public has blown its right to bear arms.”

While, at first glance, Albert’s “solution” may appear harsh and misguided it could be fun to follow his approach and apply it more broadly. To wit: If there’s a group of people making political decisions, consistently shown to be destructive and dangerous, perhaps that crowd needs to be removed from any influence on matters effecting their fellow citizens.   In other words, when a certain faction’s continued frightful, all to often deadly choices, continue to badly damage our society as a whole, let’s eliminate their governmental authority.

Since Breer was zeroed in on gun violence and mass murder let’s apply his very own criteria, and follow the history of elected Democrats, as it relates to the aforementioned.

We’ll start with gun violence:

While sensational national headlines spotlight tragic shootings in places where armed self defense is against the law (schools, churches and military recruitment centers), news covering besieged cities with the strictest weapon’s laws, gets treated as a mere footnote.

Recently, Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. have all had record setting upticks in violent crime.   After 2 consecutive weekends with more than 50 people shot, the “Windy City” spiked to 60 murders in September alone. Baltimore’s numbers may be even worse. Springtime proved to be especially bloody with homicides having doubled and shootings up more than 80%…just in May. D.C.’s brutal summer ballooned its murder rate by 23% over the previous year.

Respectively, Democrat mayors have consecutively held office, in Chi-Town since 1931 and Baltimore since 1967. The District of Columbia has never elected a Republican.

On to mass murder:

Barack Obama, lacking any real specifics, immediately galloped forward on his high horse to proudly announce he’d “politicize” the Oregon shooting. Meanwhile, as he’s promising “smarter” gun laws and demonizing both the GOP and NRA, his policies of disengagement in the world, specifically the Middle East, are leading to carnage, chaos and slaughter.

Even as his own behaviors enable the world’s most dangerous actors to arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction, Barack’s too self involved to see the sick irony in him calling for limited American access to legal firearms. So that leaves it to us recognize that from the time our Commander in Chief sullenly skulked away from his ill-fated Syrian Red Line, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been massacred, while millions more have been “displaced”.

For anyone needing reminding, Democrat voters, first in Chicago, then throughout the country, overwhelmingly cast their ballots for Barack Obama.

If we are to be consistent in following the “Breer Manifesto”, erasing a group’s freedoms based on the misbehavior of a few, what should be done about the millions of Dems continually voting for politicians and policies that literally destroy lives? Would Mr. Breer, and others of his ilk, be OK with denying voting rights for that specific bloc of folks whose endlessly poor judgement at the ballot box has caused death and destruction far beyond that found at Umpqua Community College?

Certainly not if the electors responsible for the fatal havoc were Democrats.



  1. Ouch! This is way too harsh on the well meaning progressive politicians. Their motives are so pure that they must certainly be forgiven a few…wait a few hundred…or even a few hundred thousand fatalities.

    It’s not that their motives could be questionable, or their ideas ill-conceived, so it must be the fault of others. If you cannot place the fault, just ask the aforementioned Democrats.

    • Ohh yes, they will agree that it was not the fault of their laws and failed policies but the fault of the horrible and evil gun owners that just mow down schools of unarmed children holding kittens. It is all these men and women who own these devil made death machines that just go out at night and kill thousands that are never added to the FBI death statics that need to be destroyed…. But these again these death machines are abortion clinics that murder children in the night, and the people who dis-arm the law abiding citizens and in these places crime is SO much higher, the FACTS prove it… they all have the same thing in common, liberal democrat politics…

  2. That’s an interesting comment coming from a man who makes his living off the violent drunks, coke-heads, steroid-freaks, wife-beaters and murderers that make up so much of the National FELONY League.

    I wonder… does he agree that the behavior of the players means that the American public has blown its right to watch football?

    Given the brain-dead nature of his argument, it’s obvious that this clown Albert Breer NEVER played with a helmet.

  3. Albert Breer should be fired and the American flag pin should be ripped from his lapel. A despicable, hollow comment from a traitorous individual.
    The writer puts forth a truthful analogy and there are many, many other analogies that could be put to words that expose the un-American, failed agenda where the “Democrats” preside.

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