Deal Reached That Could Send McCabe to Jail, Re-Open Hillary Probe

Andrew McCabe might be in very serious legal jeopardy, not only for lying and leaking but for possibly giving a “stand-down” order on the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal server. Actually, he might have given two “stand-down” orders.
All of the McCabe communications are included in the 1.2 million documents in the hands of the IG. All of the pertinent documents from that tranche will finally be given to Congress next week.

Former deputy attorney general [and acting attorney general] Andrew McCabe lied under oath about leaks he made to The Wall Street Journal in 2016. He appears to have done it to salvage his reputation. It was intended to give journalists his version of events concerning a “stand-down” order to agents investigating the Clinton Foundation.

McCabe authorized a leak of a phone conversation he had with the Department of Justice in which he claims he pushed back against the DOJ. He says was fighting against the Bureau’s investigation that was pressuring him.

Sara Carter reported that multiple FBI officials and a Congressional official, say that there was another “stand-down” order by McCabe over the opening of a probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email for official government business.

McCabe might have given two stand-down orders on Hillary’s behalf. It looks suspicious since in 2015, his wife ran for a congressional seat with $700,000 in donations from Hillary’s donors.

The stand-down order on the server came after the New York Times reported Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules in March 2015. It was before the official probe in July of that year.

The FBI D.C. office began an investigation into her use of the server after the report and McCabe, who was overseas, sent electronic communications voicing his displeasure with the agents.

“McCabe tried to steer people off the private email investigation and that appears to be obstruction and should be investigated,” said one former FBI official with knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the investigation. “Now if the information on the ‘stand-down’ order is obtained by the IG that could bring a whole lot of other troubles to McCabe.”

The Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a report on McCabe this month recommending he be fired.

The Horowitz team is currently sifting through more than 1.2 million documents. The body of documents obtained by the Inspector General also include all of McCabe’s communications, congressional officials said.

Congress Is Getting the Documents, McCabe’s Communications

We will find out soon just how much trouble McCabe is in and what happened during the Hillary probe.

Not only is Horowitz’s report coming out in May, but also Reps. Trey Gowdy and Goodlatte have reached a deal for the documents which the DoJ has refused to turn over until now. Congress has only received a few thousand documents but will receive the relevant documents next week.

The congressmen want to know what was behind the Trump probe and they want to know why the investigation into Hillary was dropped.

Clinton herself lied multiple times about her emails, first claiming she never sent any classified emails through her private email service, and then claiming it was just an accident and that she “didn’t know” what the classification symbols on the emails meant.


  1. This appears to be damage control by the DOJ and preparation by some republicans for the election. The scandals have become so exposed that they are going to make McCabe and Comey the fall guys and hope that ends it all. The DOJ has had these documents for several months and did nothing, because Sessions is aligned with the conspirators, as he has indicated with his praise of Rosenstein and Mueller. So they make a deal with Mueller fan Gowdy to give a fraction of the evidence they promised to give 3 months ago. Congress can use the data for more hearings and noise leading up to the election. The IG of course has no power to act. They will direct any action against Comey and McCabe in a way which prompts them to accept a plea deal and leaves the actions of those above still secret. The RINOs and anti-Trumpers will celebrate that justice has finally been achieved. Sessions apologists will claim he has put on his white hat and gone after the bad guys. It’s a show. Justice will not win with the current 3 people in charge of the DOJ there. The critical factor in justice here is not evidence, which there is a mountain of, it is the people in charge are running a coverup operation.

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