Dear Leader Xi Will Be in Power for Life! Back to Mao


President Xi will rule China for life. It’s interesting in light of the fact that he just condemned President Trump’s “unilateral” sanctions on North Korea. If I were a betting person, I’d put money on North Korea getting deliverable nukes.

China will not only put Xi in power forever, they will enshrine him in the Constitution. Any hope of China becoming a free, Capitalist nation will recede into the annals of historical failures.

Last October’s National People’s Congress pledged to enshrine Xi’s name in the country’s constitution, making him the first to receive such an honor.

The NYT reports the Central Committee approved the amendments to the Constitution at a meeting last month. But the vague official announcement released at that time did not reveal the momentous expansion of Mr. Xi’s presidential power, which was kept secret until Sunday.

Any and all opposition to Xi will dissipate.

Those manufactured and armed islands in the South China Sea can control $5 trillion in commerce that passes through. It could happen any time Xi wants. Obama allowed that to happen.

The Times continues, based on local State-sponsored Chinese newspapers:

In another victory for Mr. Xi, the draft amendments to the Constitution would also add his trademark expression for his main ideas – “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” – into the preamble of the Constitution, as well as adding a nod to the ideological contributions of his predecessor, Mr. Hu.

The amendments are almost certain to be passed into law by the party-controlled legislature, the National People’s Congress, which holds its annual full session from March 5. The Congress has never voted down a proposal from party leaders.

Hard-left Communism is back, all while the United States helped make them wealthy and in control of much of our debt.

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