Dear Republican Establishment…


Dear Republican Establishment:

I’m going to give you the Readers Digest version of why Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are leading in the Republican Primary.

In 2008, John McCain, a sitting Senator, and a war hero, was running against the first African-American presidential candidate. Perhaps, the Republican party should have considered their own non-white candidate to appease a nation who thought skin color was more important than the proven character and experience of an “old white guy”.

Although I still believe McCain could have won, if not for the collapse of the Lehman Brothers and the fallout that followed, nonetheless, the Republicans failed to win this election.

In 2012, the Republicans nominated Mitt Romney. With millions of people protesting the Obama Healthcare Tax being shoved down our throats, the Republican Establishment picks the one guy who had already implemented this law in his own state. Would Romney fight the forced healthcare act that was the hot button issue in 2012, after all, he was the Daddy of it? Instead of fighting Obama and Obamacare, Romney became an apologist. He would attack Obama on his policy, get criticized in the papers, and the next day he would be a blubbering idiot apologizing for offending Obama. All he did was offend the American people.

The Republican supporters refused to elect weak-kneed Romney, giving Obama the easy win. What the voters did do, however, was give the Republicans the majority in the House and Senate. The People felt that in this position, the Republicans could stop Obama and his socialist agenda. A brilliant strategy that did not happen because the Republicans had the power, but they refuse to use it.

One glaring example, was when the day came for the Supreme Court to vote on the passage of the Obama Healthcare Tax. John Roberts, who was supposed to be a Conservative Republican, changed the rules of the game and passed it. If Mr. Roberts had voted based on the law, the healthcare tax would have failed. The people have lost their doctors and now pay more in taxes and co-pays. Perhaps the Republican Establishment should have stopped John Roberts before he single-handedly destroyed our healthcare system. Maybe then Rubio and Jed Bush would not be sitting on their couches licking their wounds and scratching their heads wondering how the American people have refused to support them. They can blame Roberts because that is where some of the blame lies.

The People also gave the Republican Establishment the power to stop Obama and the Democrats when it came to raising the debt ceiling. All Obama had to do was cry that the Republicans were going to shut down the government and they caved. Perhaps, they should have held a press conference and said We, the Republicans, are not the ones shutting down the government, it is Obama who fails to make the necessary cuts to keep our Government open. That didn’t happen. The Republicans voted with the Democrats and our debt ceiling is in the trillions and climbing. Now you know why Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are soaring in the primary.

All of our elected officials swear that they will uphold our Constitution. If Roberts believed in that oath, he would have not passed the healthcare tax. Ted Cruz can cite every word in the Constitution from cover to cover. He has promised to govern the United States based on it. The way it was meant to be!

Obama plays the race card every chance he gets. White people are racists just because they are white. Very few Republicans call him on the carpet for his outlandish rhetoric. The Media, Hollywood, Democrats, and BlackLivesMatter call everyone racists who don’t agree with them, yet no one defends Americans by saying we don’t support Obama because his policy goes against the fabric of America. Nope, the Republicans keep their lips zipped as millions of Americans are unjustifiably insulted on a daily basis. Who speaks for them? Donald Trump that’s who. Trump is not afraid to call it as he sees it. Is that “unpresidential” defending the American People? Apparently, the voters approve of having a man who actually loves all Americans in the White House!

Donald Trump has promised to Make America Great Again. Isn’t that sad that we have fallen from our State of Grace in the first place? You can thank both the Democrats and the Establishment. Millions of Americans have lost their wealth due to higher taxes and less opportunity, they have been called racists because they don’t agree with Obama, they see illegals reaping the benefits that they did not earn, they see more people on welfare and food stamps meanwhile the working-class people continue to carry the financial burden. Now you know why the People are voting for the “outsiders”. Maybe the Constitutional Cruz or Billionaire Businessman Trump can right this sinking ship. Ted Cruz will run America using the laws of the land. Donald Trump will fight whoever gets in his way in his bid to make America Great Again.
The Establishment reminds me of my dog when a thunderstorm rolls through. They can be found under the bed, shaking with fear every time Obama speaks. We put the Republicans in charge to represent us, fight for us, and stop the Democrats from giving everyone “free” stuff by using our money !! They failed to do so. Their punishment will now be that the American People will vote for either Cruz or Trump. If the Establishment tries to prevent this from happening, they will lose this election and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

The American people have had it with the whimpering, whiny, sell-out Republicans who will fight Cruz and Trump but not Obama. Since 2008, the People have voted to give Republicans every opportunity to fight the Democrats’ socialist agenda and they have squandered every golden opportunity!

America is the best Nation in the world and in need of strong leadership. Neither Cruz nor Trump is a coward. Kasich may be a good governor but he is viewed as being part of the establishment. He has only won one State, his own. Not a good sign of things to come.

April 19th is the primary day in New York don’t forget to vote and voice your opinion.

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John Smith
John Smith
6 years ago

I agree, I am tried of seeing Bohner and others crying on the nightly news. We need strong leaders to defend America and Democracy around the world. We cannot let the Democrat- Communists and do-nothing Republicans take down America !