Death to the Republic


flag torn

What is happening to America is the result of a culture war between traditionalists and secular progressives. The problem isn’t the Tea Party of the right and never has been. It’s always been the movement from the left in the Democrat Party. Liberals are no longer liberal and have allowed the more extreme elements in the party to take over.

They have adopted political correctness and found advantage in calling things by the opposite of what they actually are, thus the Affordable Care Act is anything but, the SAFE Act deprives people of their right to self-defense, the Employee Free Choice Act takes away the secret ballot in union elections and takes away choice, tolerance is actually intolerance for anyone who disagrees, and lying is acceptable as long as it gets them to their goals.

They have all the answers and they are the elite who will bear no dissent. We see it in the drive to punish people who disagree on climate change, common core, and political correctness.

Dissenters will be prosecuted if they offer contradicting research, students will be punished if they opt out of government tests, and criticism of any of their preferred groups will be banned.

Can brute force be far behind?

The bathroom bill is just because they can and it’s a lie to further the culture war. It has nothing to do with the very small numbers of transgenders, it’s about anyone who says they are whatever gender the person says they are at any given time and there are 56 of them on Facebook. In New York City, there are 31 of them and the mayor is insisting landlords and businesses address them by the proper pronouns, even if a ‘he’ becomes ‘they’. The government is mandating thought and speech and that is what it is really about.

The chaos in our schools, business, politics, colleges accurately represents the chaos in our culture and our morals. What is normal is no longer normal. Everything is relative so that it can be transmorphed by the state.

The government is transforming our culture and preparing to finish us off.

President Obama is of the far-left and has accelerated the movement. He is the Marxist student intellectual in his Che Guevara t-shirt who never left the halls of the Ivy League.

The left is now far more out in the open and aggressive because they are convinced they’ve won and are moving in for the kill.

The most concerning aspect of all this is the many various leftist groups are uniting and they are funded in part by the taxpayer with grants from an increasingly corrupt all-powerful government.

Our economy is in serious trouble and we are already a welfare state. Obama has decimated the Middle Class. Taking the entitlements away will cause riots.

He has ignored our Constitution, the separation of powers and states’ rights and he has been applauded for it. He has made his causes into civil rights so no one can oppose them. Our Senate has given up their treaty powers on the most key issues such as the Iranian nuke deal and the climate change deal.

This article doesn’t even touch on the election fraud they are trying to engage in.

His dangerous foreign policy is borne of an extreme pacifist view. Because of him we have ISIS, China’s building armed islands in a $5 billion dollar trade route, Russia is threatening invasions and calling the US their greatest threat while being our greatest threat, and we are now aligned with terror nations like Cuba and Iran who hate us.

Hillary is more of the same.

The Democrat Party that once opposed illegal immigration, stood up for the rights of religious people and did represent freedom are dissolving into identity politics, bullying The Little Sisters of the Poor, and assuming control of the masses they look down on. The media is an arm of the party as are the colleges, arts, and movies/theaters.

Our government acts in secret and rules us. They have opened our borders to bring in the new populations of automatons who will abide by the will of the State.

We are suffering under mass delusions perpetrated by the left. We are told that what is isn’t and we live in this budding Orwellian world in seething silence.  We know that it’s crazy to have large men in ladies bathrooms, we know the Senate should be approving treaties, and we know that the borders are open to give the Democrats a one-party majority but we live under this delusion because we are afraid to be called racists, fools, and liars.

College campuses are no longer fostering free thought, they are programming students.

The left won the culture wars but will they be kind to their opponents? It doesn’t seem so. We have half the country supporting a man who for the most part is a communist.

Christianity is being made into a hated entity. It’s the only way the State can be supreme. They cannot co-exist as equals. One must be subservient to the other.

Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, remarked to a reporter with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “We are on the losing side of a massive change that’s not going to be reversed, in all likelihood, in our lifetimes. Christians must adapt to the changed cultural circumstances by finding a way ‘to live faithfully in a world in which we’re going to be a moral exception.’ ”

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, told his parishioners that Christianity “doesn’t need ‘family values’ to flourish,” he wrote in The Washington Post. “In fact, the church often thrives when it is in sharp contrast to the cultures around it.”

The Pope is himself a man of the left and Muslims align naturally with the far-left.

It’s not only about religion of course.

The left claims the right starts the culture wars and the left must end them. The truth is the opposite in most cases. The right now includes those who want freedom and true tolerance. There is no place for them in the Democrat Party.

The left even has their armies of violent troublemakers who show up at Trump rallies and on college campuses.

Trump tapped into the resistance. Some of his ideas are very scary, particularly on foreign policy and trade, but scarier are the things these leftists have done. At least he will close the borders and we will get to keep our guns because he will appoint conservative justices.

We have lost all safeguards in our constitution – the Separation of Powers and States’ Rights are being dissipated. What we have left is the Supreme Court – barely – and without them, it’s over.

The left doesn’t even admit we live in a Republic. The words never leave their mouths. The assault from the left has hit every pillar of society and the president has nationalized or is in the process of nationalizing all pinnacles of power under one dangerous, overreaching big government where agency pinheads freely write laws.

Justice isn’t justice, it’s social justice based on outcomes the government wants, not based on talent and achievement, and equality is what the government says it is. Equality now marginalizes the majority.

Also over is our culture as we knew it, especially if issues like bathroom bills are enshrined into law. Once things like this are codified, there is no going back.

Revolution is in the air. The Democrats are prepared for that.

If you are not familiar with the Cloward-Piven Strategy, click here.

If we lose our limited government, our freedoms, we will decline into the abyss.

Trump is the response to the discontent as is Sanders. Trump is the last great hope. He might have no solutions but he’s all the right has.


  • America is Being Destroyed by a Political Cancer

    That cancer winds its way through the politics of the federal government, the lying media who hate America, and the runaway criminality of regulators like the BLM, EPA, FDA, IRS and CDC with the approval of the Democratic and Republican parties has all but wiped out our constitution.

    The cancer is POLITICAL CORRUPTION. That term doesn’t even begin to describe the level of hatred and intolerance toward America that now infects the dark minds of those in government, media, the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, and the corporate world. It’s more than just POLITICAL CORRUPTION; it’s an intense despising of everything that once made American great: Innovation, entrepreneurship, self-responsibility, basic morality, clean food, basic respect for nature, and respect for nature’s God.

    Today, everything that once made America great is under assault. If America is the patient, the establishment is the political cancer, and that political cancer has invaded every major organ of the body in an attempt to kill the host. This is being done with the approval of the Democratic and Republican parties

    There is, quite literally, a concerted effort under way across government and media to destroy this nation, to poison the food, to contaminate the soils, water, and air and to fundamentally transform America into a destitute, collapsed nation that resembles the former Soviet Union, Cuba or Venezuela.

    That’s why I’m invoking this health metaphor today and calling on all Independent Americans to activate themselves as America’s immune system. We must operate WITHOUT the approval of the Democratic and Republican parties. We must become America’s White Blood Cells. We must flow through the veins of the entire nation to rise up a majority of 435 Congressmen to remove the POLITICAL CORRUPTION, cell by cell.

    The POLITICAL CORRUPTION was brought in by infected political parties so it must be taken out by uninfected political parties. To that end, the Independent American Party is calling all uninfected political parties together, not to become uniform groups, but to unite as one group of groups to defeat this POLITICAL CORRUPTION.

    It’s time to defend ourselves against this malicious, insidious political cancer that’s now assaulting us all. In this message, I’m sharing some action points on how to exercise that fundamental human right to self-defense as we work together to try to save this nation from those who actively seek to destroy it.

    Fact: Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have properly defended the people against corruption. The hierarchy of both parties benefits from the corruption.

    Fact: People by themselves, in disorganized groups, divided by petty differences, cannot rid the people of all this corruption.

    Fact: It takes infrastructure to build a group large enough to defeat both the Democrats and the Republicans and to take away their embedded corruption.

    Fact: There are thousands of groups who are active in fighting corruption. Until we join together as one massive political power, the people will lose and the disintegration of our society will self-complete. Do not let this POLITICAL CANCER continue untreated.

    Fact: There is but one organization that will bring us unity without uniformity. That organization has but 15 simple principles. These simple principles can bring unity without uniformity, sufficient to complete the task.

    Join us to build the infrastructure in all 50 states. Find out more.