Debate Rundown: How to Destroy Capitalism in Four Years



Watching the Democrat debate last night was like traveling through a time machine to Woodstock without the music.

There is no way individual liberty and Capitalism survive a Bernie or Hillary presidency. We are barely hanging on now.

The debate last night was all about wealth redistribution. As Hillary said, both she and Bernie will end up in the same place. She will just get there more slowly.

They both plan to decide how our money will be used. They want to tax the top one-and-a-half percent – and eventually it will be everyone else.

They are after revenue (taxes) however they have to seize it, even if they have to tax passive income and Wall Street into oblivion. Wall Street is responsible for most peoples’ retirements, including union retirements.

Hillary wants to give Social Security to women who sit home and Bernie wants to give a good income to everyone on Social Security. Spoken to true Socialists.

Free college and Debt Free college are still on the agenda.

Hillary is being funded by two socialists including George Soros and she chose a Socialist black man as one of her idols – Nelson Mandela.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have promised to continue the executive orders that violate the constitution “if Congress doesn’t do the right thing”, in other words the right thing is what they mandate.

They want open borders and Bernie doesn’t like Obama’s deportation policy. Obama is only deporting a handful of people who are criminals and who are dangerous to our national security. They continually pretend Republicans want to break up families.

Liberalism has destroyed the black family and they are now working on the Hispanic families.

Watch these highlights:

Hillary has a supporter in the Communist mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio. His Communist city council president Melissa Mark-Viverito wants to do away with Rikers and put all the criminals on the streets. She wants all minor crimes forgiven and ignored in the future and is ridding the city of public nuisance laws like urinating in the street, just to give you an idea of what happens when Communists are in charge.

This is what Bill de Blasio said about closet Socialist Hillary:

“I think, whenever you’re part of a campaign, I had the honor of being her campaign manager in the 2007 race — you feel real affinity for that candidate for years to come, I feel a real connection to her. I saw it Tuesday night in New Hampshire. I saw the fire and passion about making real change in America. So my point is this. We have a candidate here who wants to raise taxes on the wealthy … this is exactly what the doctor ordered for the United States of America.”



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