Decide Late-Term Abortion Based on Who Did the Potty-Training


Rep Thomson with her hanger Photo of Rep. Senfronia Thompson with her hanger

It’s a sad day when a woman – Wendy Davis – who filibusters for 13 hours to fight for late-term abortions is lauded. Babies who are aborted late-term, are killed savagely. If you are not aware of the process, look up partial-birth abortion.

The new Texas abortion bill, which led to the filibuster, bans abortions after 20 weeks because babies are viable at 20 weeks. The only exceptions are when the woman’s life is in imminent danger. Twenty weeks should be enough time for a woman to make up her mind. The bill also requires doctors have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and only allows abortions in surgical centers. The purpose of this is to protect the woman’s health.

Democratic Rep. Senfronia Thompson said she doesn’t want women’s abortion choices to be feathers, knitting needles, turpentine or hangers. The only one I don’t understand is the feather. What does a woman who wants an abortion do with a feather? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

The pro-abortion women believe that men are demeaning their ability to think, even though they’ve potty trained them. That statement was meant to demean the pro-life men.


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