Decorated Green Beret Discharged for Shoving an Afghan Child Rapist


Sgt Martland

We have one sick country and the leadership of our military should be called into question.

A decorated Green Beret, who has given 11 years to the service, is being involuntarily discharged probably because he shoved an Afghan police commander who raped a 12-year old boy. When the mother reported it, the Afghani beat up his mother.

Sgt. Charles Martland, 33, was serving in the Kunduz Province when he heard the reports. He confronted the Afghan cop, Abdul Rahman, with his team leader in early 2011.

When Rahman had been confronted, he “laughed about it, and said it wasn’t a big deal,” according to Daniel Quinn, Martland’s team leader.

The pair shoved Rahman to the ground in an attempt to discourage him from further rapes.

The government sided with the child rapist when Rahman reported the attack and Martland was sent home.

Martland is being pushed out over budget cuts but it’s really because of this one black mark. Even one small mark against a person can get someone kicked out in this budget cut climate.

Martland still has received the highest scores in evaluations since the incident.

Sgt. Martland is described by his men as the best of the best. He was awarded the Bronze Star.

Duncan Hunter

Congressman Duncan Hunter, pictured above, who has written to Defense Secretary Ash Carter about the verdict, said, “It’s sad to think that a child rapist is put above one of our elite military operators.

He added, “Sergeant Martland was left with no other choice but to intervene in a bad situation. The Army should stand up for what’s right and should not side with a corrupt Afghan police officer.”

He told Cater of the dispute involving Martland, Quinn and Rahman: “To intervene was a moral decision, and SFC Martland and his Special Forces team felt they had no choice but to respond.”


Former NFL defensive end Tim Bulman, pictured above, has also expressed support for Martland, whom he was friends with as a child, telling Fox News, “You would want him in your corner and protecting our freedom.”

There were reports that this cop creep and other Afghan cops were carrying out rapes in the area for a while.

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7 years ago

This is thankless luster that comrade obame mets out to our military heros while he over looks the comtempable behavior of his muslim piece of shit buds.