Deep State Is Leaking Top Secret Daily Briefings


According to officials who spoke with the Washington Post, a section in Trump’s briefing materials noted, “DO NOT CONGRATULATE.” If it’s true, it is a serious leak. It means one of the few people with this high level of security clearance leaked a Top Secret Daily Briefing.

They are leaking the Daily Briefing! It doesn’t get much more Top Secret than that.

Regardless of why the advice was not heeded, the president is said to be furious that the matter was revealed to the press, according to an inside source.

If you can believe any of this, if it’s true, he has every right to be infuriated.

CNN reports that the incident is said to have refueled Trump’s belief that there are people in the U.S. government who are out to get him.

Is there any other reason this leaking would take place? There are never any leaks favorable to the PResident.

Two “expert” talking heads on Outnumbered Overtime weighed in today. One said the leak is not a problem, and the other said the problem is Trump didn’t follow [McMaster’s] advice.

This is basically what the entire corrupt media is saying. They don’t care about the felonious leaks.

CNN implied Trump doesn’t even read advice. They then brought up the comments by RINOs Graham and McCain who were bothered by Trump congratulating Putin. Obama congratulated Putin in 2012 after a corrupt election but CNN didn’t bother mentioning that.

Let us all remember that it was Barack Obama who colluded with the Russians.

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