Deep State Is Not In Control of Donald Trump – Yet, Probably Never


President Trump has people who voted for him worried that he is moving left or acting as a mouthpiece for the Deep State. It is true that he might sign a DACA law because these particular illegal entrants are sympathetic. Trump has also allowed abusive spending bills pass for now, and he has, so far, okayed the Iran deal. It’s early in this presidency and people need to keep that in mind.

Nothing much else has happened to show Trump is not in control beyond the media and Democrat propaganda. That is not to say there aren’t some ominous signs.

Trump has been accused of saying he will stay in the Paris Accord. The White House denies they will give in on what is an unconstitutional global warming treaty. National Security Council chief H.R. McMaster said the President will not stay in the agreement. However, Rex Tillerson said Trump will not pull out. Tillerson is often on a different page from the President. Someone, please, give Rex the President’s cell phone number.

Trump has always said he will consider a better deal for America and the only thing he seems to be saying that’s different is he will look at it again — according to US officials. We don’t even know if these officials got their information from the President. Maybe they got it from Rex since they work at State.

Of concern is the fact that Trump’s advisers want to keep the country in the climate agreement. Liberal Democrat Gary Cohen is at the U.N. today and he is allegedly telling people Trump wants to stay in but this is from Politico’s anonymous sources.

Rush Limbaugh suggests we all wait and see because it is being blown up by Trump’s enemies. On his radio show today, Rush said Trump is playing with them.

Trump is very intelligent, don’t confuse him with the media’s portrayal of him as a buffoon. He didn’t become a billionaire because he’s anybody’s puppet. He is, however, not an ideologue. While not being right or left, he can find the good in either side. The media hates Trump as a bipartisan though they always call for bipartisanship.

As someone who is not attached to an ideology, he can be influenced by right or left.

Michael Savage is absolutely losing it on his show over what he considers a betrayal on illegal immigration and fiscal conservatism. However, Trump still promises to build the wall.

On his podcast, O’Reilly said people need to stay calm because Trump’s enemies are making it more of a big deal than it is in order to drive a wedge between Trump and his supporters.

Dick Morris asked today during his lunch alert, “Is Deep State taking over Donald Trump?” Morris thinks Trump has been moved into the echo chamber and could become a puppet of the conventional wisdom. He sees it is a concern. The President has been battered and his staff is left-wing. The media is reinforcing anything left-wing Trump does or might do. It’s “very dangerous”, he said. We could lose this President, not by having him voted out of office but by having him “lose his soul”.

Dr. Gorka says Deep State is running the government and echoes Morris’s concerns.

Trump is now accused of agreeing with Chucky Schumer to abolish the debt ceiling though McConnell will never allow it. That is the last tool fiscal conservatives have to make Congress fess up as to what and why they are spending. Congress always raises the debt ceiling anyway but at least the public gets some information about how their tax dollars are spent with a ceiling.

Trump certainly has surrounded himself with the Deep State and fired conservatives and libertarians. However, we’ve gotten more than we would have gotten from the alternative offered by the Socialist Democratic Party.

For now, Conservatives are loyal and will stick with Trump. News of Trump’s cave are very premature and likely will not come to pass. He knows who elected him and why. It’s not stupid or naive to be loyal until actually betrayed. Trust!

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