Deep State USDA Is Promoting Trade with Iran Against Trump’s Wishes


Sonny Perdue

Adam Kredo of The Washington Free Beacon reports that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is promoting increased trade with Iran. The Trump White House is unquestionably opposed to a policy of international trade with the Islamic Republic.

A July USDA report is praising the Obama policies of open trade with Iran. Trump, on the other hand, has taken a hardline stand against this policy.

Administration insiders and other experts see the report as a product of the Obama Deep State embeds who are pushing positive propaganda about Iran to boost the Iran deal.

The various government agencies might be growing more brazen in their rogue behavior.

“White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster should call his office,” according to Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser and expert on rogue regimes. “A key component of his job—and one that his predecessors let slide—is to coordinate policy across departments. Alas, it seems that the USDA wants to pursue an independent foreign policy, one that is detrimental to broader U.S. national interests.”

It’s not only McMaster, where is Sonny Perdue?

The USDA report outlines “the potential for new opportunities for U.S. producers in the long run.” It also pushes the Iran deal.

“The lifting of the U.S. import ban on Iranian agricultural products, including pistachios and caviar, [represents] a large new market for Iran’s most valuable export crops,” according to the USDA report. “Arguably as important, however, was the removal of certain U.S. ‘secondary sanctions,’ penalties levied on foreign persons and companies seeking to do business in Iran, particularly in its finance, banking, insurance, and energy sectors.”

“This significant change allows Iran to attract foreign investment, import equipment, and adopt new technologies, all of which bear on Iran’s agricultural production and consumption,” according to the report.

Brace yourself for pistachio competition from Iran!

“One example of the JCPOA’s [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] possible effect on U.S. producers relates to pistachios,” the report states. “With relaxed import restrictions from Iran, U.S. producers potentially face new competition from the world’s largest pistachio producer and second largest pistachio exporter. Decades of sanctions and trade restrictions have pushed Iran out of the large U.S. and European markets, but news reports have suggested that Iranian pistachio imports could resurge.”

They’re serious about the pistachio threat.

Any trade with Iran benefits a terror regime whose goal is to destroy Israel and the United States.

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