Deep Statey Threats Coming From the ALLEGEDLY Non-Existent Deep State


The operatives in the largest political spying scandal in U.S. history must believe the best defense is a good offense, judging from their media and social media behavior. Former CIA Director John Brennan, once a Communist voter, and the unmasker Samantha Power have been hinting threats at President Trump on Twitter.

We just called Power an unmasker. That must be corrected. We don’t know if former U.N. ambassador Samantha Power unmasked because she claims someone(s) unmasked in her name. We also don’t know if anyone is bothering to look into this or into her.

She was not an intelligence official yet a Samantha Power was unmasking almost daily. She was asked about it and said under oath that the unmasking requests were made by others in her name.

The Obama loyalist is a strange figure.

Power became famous in 2003 for her book, A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, but she probably didn’t mean a word she wrote given her performance under Barack Obama. She largely went silent during the Syrian Civil War and she did a heck of a job ignoring Iran’s atrocities. Power easily became what she despised.

The former U.N. ambassador still has the back of the former administration and doubled down on lying leaker John Brennan’s threat this weekend.

Deep Statey Threats

Brennan, who lied to us four years ago about hacking Senate computers, tweeted a threatening message to President Trump this past weekend in a brazen blaze of hubris.

As an aside, Brennan was given license to lie and leak to Congress and the public and he did it often. He lied about the Osama bin Laden raid in 2011 and routinely leaked classified info that suited his purpose. It is therefore understandable he would be angry about the firing of lying leaker Andrew McCabe.

Brennan’s deep statey threat:

Deep State wants us to believe they don’t exist but they keep making Deep State threats. Chuck Schumer, the minority leader himself, certainly believes they are a vengeful sort and said so in an interview with Rachel Maddow. “If you take on the Intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at ya,” he told the MSNBC conspiracy maven.

Power Took It Back

After Power doubled up on the Brennan Deep State threat-hint, she took it back and put the onus on all of us for not understanding her true meaning.

Deep State wasn’t threatening, just indignant. So reassuring!

Biggest Abuse of Power In US History

Power, Brennan, Clapper look like they are part of what appears to be a cabal linked to an FBI clique. What looks like lawless behavior is the foundation of their aggressive defense but they might be better off shutting up.

Their aiders and abettors in the corrupt media work overtime protecting them and rewriting the narratives. It’s no easy task.

Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes says the media will only support the left. He won’t talk with them until they take back the fake news they printed about him. He assured Jesse Waters this past weekend that the FISA abuse did happen and there is definitely a cover up going on.

After being told for months that the unverified Russia-Trump dossier was the source of the probe, the NY Times so kindly told us it was actually George Papadopoulos who started the collusion probe and not the dossier at all. That was after the DNC-Hillary dossier began to look fake. George, a very low-level employee of the naive Trump campaign, told an Australian diplomat in an alcohol-fueled bragging session that he was trying to get dirt on Hillary from Russia for the team.

The problem with that comes from Brennan himself. He accidentally slipped, although he might have simply misspoken. But it looks like the British might have provided the Trump dirt.

The Tablet’s Lee Smith wrote on February 9th:

Todd asked Brennan if the intelligence on Papadopoulos came “through the C.I.A. via the Five Eyes thing,” referring to the intelligence-sharing relationship between the five English-speaking powers, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Brennan’s response, though, went off-script.

He wasn’t “going to get into details about how it was acquired,” he explained. “But the F.B.I. has a very close relationship with its British counterparts. And so the F.B.I. had visibility into a number of things that were going on involving some individuals who may have had some affiliation with the Trump campaign.”

Wow! “Close relationship with its British counterparts”?

A Massive Scandal Unfolds

We know that Brennan colluded with and leaked to foreign powers to promote the Hillary campaign. His leaking and lying goes unpunished so far.

McCabe’s firing might bring more whistleblowers forward and the entire clique could be undone in this massive scandal.

As Senator Goodlatte told Maria Bartiromo Sunday, we should all be concerned about the actions of several people who headed the FBI during the presidential election. But it’s not just the FBI.

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