Defund Obamacare NOW



Photo of Obama as the Dark Lord, with the inscription, Obamacare Strikes Again

Obama continues to violate the law. He unilaterally changed The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare again this past week. Obamacare is a law passed by Congress and, under our Constitution, any changes must be approved by Congress.

The latest unlawful change allows the federal government to provide subsidies for qualifying people who buy insurance on the state-based health exchanges, whether federal or state governments run them. However, the law explicitly allows the subsidies to only be applied to purchases made on an exchange “established by the state.”

The House is investigating this illegal expansion.

There is a vigorous debate going on now about whether or not to attempt the defunding of Obamacare. John McCain and his followers insist it must not be defunded while Mike Lee is leading a Republican rebellion to take the fight to the Senate floor.

Karl Rove, who wants RINO Jeb Bush for president, is pushing the lay back McCain approach. He wants to wait for Obamacare to implode. There is no chance that will happen.

Once the subsidies are in place come January, it’s game over. The only thing an implosion will do is force us into a single payer system like they have in Russia, Canada, and Cuba.

Obama has already said he will accept no cuts so Republicans might as well go for it. We cannot continue with this mindless spending and trillion dollar deficits.

If the Republicans can’t stand up against Obamacare, an issue that crosses the political spectrum in its unpopularity, then what will they stand up for?

Mike Lee on defunding Obamacare:

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