Deleted Once by YouTube! Watch ‘Borderless’ While You Can


Conservative filmmaker Lauren Southern released her film “Borderless” Friday. It is a comprehensive documentary on the European border crisis. Southern told Human Events that YouTube deleted it. Perhaps the Globalists objected.

She had a backup emergency copy and it’s up on YouTube for now. Watch it while you can.

Southern describes her film as the most comprehensive documentary ever made on the European border crisis.



  1. It was that coverage that got her banned from Patreon. Apparently these Damn tech companies have issues with ‘real’ investigative journalism. One thing is for certain. These are the ones who decried certain religious people as being “anti-science”. NOW, who are the ones that are Extremely anti-science. And not just some difficult science, but basic high school science.

  2. So, are the guides Americans? You said they confused you for their guides. If it is so poor where they came from, where did they get the 1,000 euros each? If these people are so unhappy send them back to their own countries. It would be so much cheaper for the country housing them. But, they would never go back. I can guarantee their countries don’t give them free money and food. And the two women at the end…troublemakers, moving to better their economic position. I pray to God President Trump wins on this border crisis in America. And any church supporting this obviously has no respect for Romans 13:1-7.

    • Theresa, you’ve pretty much made a fool of yourself by commenting with statements that make it clear you never even watched the film. lol Glad you support Trump, but you’re also apparently one of the ones that make the rest of his supporters look bad.

  3. Any countries where the people have any kind of say, need to withdraw from The United Nations or massive immigration will continue.

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