Dem Antifa Mob Show Up at Tucker’s House, Threatening His Family


The Democrat red army — Antifa — mobbed Fox TV host Tucker Carlson’s home. The communists were outside his home Wednesday night shouting “racist scumbag leave town” and “we know where you sleep at night, we will fight.” Tucker Carlson has four young children they could be terrorizing. His wife was also at home.

Tucker’s address was posted by SmashDC and they still have an account. Twitter pulled some of their tweets, including Tucker’s address, but their page is still active. The nasty commies also tweeted his brother’s address.

Democrats like Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, and Cory Booker have encouraged exactly this kind of behavior.



  1. The war is far from over folks, in fact I would say it is just about to get started for real. Pray to God for guidance, understanding, compassion, and Love, but as an American & a Christian it is my DUTY to fight EVIL in all forms, prepare for the worst but Pray for the best.

  2. Apparently there are many more braindead people out there than was thought possible. Ignorance appears to be spreading…and there is no vaccine for same…possibly, from a report out of Spain, vaccines affected the cognitive abilities of sheep according to a veterinary study…same effect on humans???

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