Dem Bill to Blame Kim Personally for Otto’s Death & Damage Relations


Democrats are now proposing a bill specifically blaming Kim Jong-un for the death of Otto Warmbier, knowing this will damage our relations with a nation that is still at war with us after 65 years. North Korea by nature doesn’t trust easily and they certainly don’t trust us. How do we gain trust by doing this? The answer is we don’t and it’s exactly what Democrats want. It’s what they wanted with Russia and what they want with North Korea.

If the President doesn’t sign it, everyone in this country will attack him, and if he does sign it, Kim will be irate. Fortunately, Mitch McConnell probably won’t let it get to the floor if it passes the House. It’s just the idea of these petty tyrants trying to hurt the President’s ability to negotiate that is troublesome.

Kim just announced he’s open to another summit with the President and that is a good sign. Democrats won’t like it and will make certain to set up another hearing attacking the President on the day another summit convenes.


President Trump knows that Kim Jong-un’s North Korean nation is responsible for the imprisonment and death of Otto Warmbier.

Doctors found evidence that he had been tortured. In December, the North Koreans were found liable for the young man’s death and were ordered to pay millions to his parents.

Trump said Kim Jong-un said he knew nothing about the torture of Warmbier and, to that, the President said the following statement.

“He tells me that he didn’t know about it, and I will take him at his word,” the president noted.

The man who negotiated Otto’s release concurred:


The media ran with a distorted version of that, upsetting Otto’s parents. They said Trump believes Otto was not tortured, doesn’t hold North Korea responsible, and he sided with Kim Jong-un. That’s hardly a truthful depiction of events.

Democrats and Republicans bashed the President. The Republicans never learn to hold off a day or two until it all fleshes out. Nothing is ever as it seems. They always go with the loudmouthed Democrats.


The President explained his viewpoint in a tweet that he doesn’t like being misquoted and reminds people he got Otto and three others freed. He does hold North Korea responsible, of course.


Democrats, not wanting him to achieve peace with North Korea, as evidenced by their timing of the Cohen hearing the day of the summit, want to make his relationship more dangerously complex. They even publicized their fears he would give away too much and offered their idiotic advice as if he needed it. They do it to make him look bad. Nancy who pandered to North Korea blathered about how just meeting with Kim was unacceptable and made us look weak.

They have done the same thing with this sham Russia collusion tale they’ve spun. Trump can’t make any deals with Putin now.

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.) announced Friday he intends to introduce a bill officially blaming North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the death of U.S. student Otto Warmbier. Why do that except to make the relationship more difficult?

We don’t know that Kim was directly responsible. As negotiator Mickey Bergman says in the video above, no one knows what happened, and North Koreans have never caused the death of an American before. This is an “anomaly.”

The Democrats [Socialists] would rather see us at war with North Korea than let the President have a win on this front.


The United States and South Korea are expected to announce in the coming days that annual military exercises between the two nations are to be scaled back, according to a U.S. defense official.

It seems like a freebie to North Korea, but they have made some gestures as well, and they made them first. The President has also said the large-scale exercises are unnecessary and very expensive.

The large-scale military exercises, known as Foal Eagle and Key Resolve, had been scheduled for this spring. Now, according to the official, the U.S. and South Korea will instead conduct scaled down exercises at a small unit level that could involve virtual training.

Defense officials say they can achieve the necessary training goals through the pared-down exercises.

It’s not in-Kim’s-face and it’s a different tack. Trump’s instincts are usually good.

The President wasn’t only talking with Kim while in North Korea. While the President was in Vietnam meeting with Kim, he was also conducting bilateral talks with the Vietnamese on the growing threat of an expanding, possibly imperialistic China. The media ignores that.


  1. It was very sad and terrible what happened to Otto. I am not a hard person, but I do have common sense. When the whole thing began with Otto being held from returning with the group he was with, and the first reports came out, I immediately said to myself, WHY would anyone think that a tourism trip into N Korea was even remotely a good idea? I have thought the same about people who Iran has arrested on their territory. What makes a reasonable person think that they should VACATION in any country that is hostile to the US, and other western countries?! That being said, of course it was a full on political detainment by N Korea to “stick it” to the US and the young man was just an American in the WRONG country at the WRONG time. Did Kim “know” the specific treatment that fell on this young man? Of course he knew he was detained, of course he knew what the “usual” treatment is when they detain a citizen of another FREE country, did he know exactly what was being done to this kid day by day, hour by hour? Can we really ever know definitively the answer to that? I am not minimizing what happened, it is true that madmen dictators DO usually know exactly what is what when they are holding a citizen of the free world as a political pawn. So, yes, I do believe that Kim was aware. Did he think about it every day? Did he go to where Otto was being held on a regular basis to gloat as the kid wasted away? Did they take photos constantly or videos constantly so they could show the torture so that they could hope to use it as a bargaining tool? I am not sure. All I DO KNOW is that traveling to any country that is an enemy of ours, and especially one as over the top in hostilities as N Korea was you are taking a huge risk. I know I certainly would not even consider going to ANY of the hot spots in the world. Trump is Trump, after two years of listening to him, I see patterns in how he approaches leaders of nations that we are not the best of friends with. He takes Roosevelts’ “speak softy and carry a big stick” to another level as in speak loudly and forcefully and keep the pressure on AS well as KNOWING you have the “bigger” stick. It is not a namby pamby apologetic, kiss butt way of dealing with these guys. It is an ALPHA technique that works very well in the animal kingdom, it is in essence “primal”. Also the way Trump lets the world know that he changes his mind whenever he feels like it on any given day or even hour, it makes those sparring with him very unsure of what will come out of the gate next. Is it the way most Presidents have done it with international bullies? Certainly not the way Obama did it. Trump has his ways and when the media goes mental about how ‘chummy” he acts around Putin, Kim or whomever, they are just using their usual deceptive talking points to keep feeding fear and loathing to their constituents of which many are clueless overall but are eager to munch down whatever their dear party comes up with. I believe that an eventual deal will be made, but it will be one that does not roll over and expose the “belly” of our nation to this ruthless regime as the terrible deals made by this country in the past, especially the Iran deal where they laughed all the way to the bank after getting complete capitulation from Obama.

    • Well said , I agree 100%
      Just would like to add that the DNC , specifically a handfull of controlling Democrats in Congress , should be considered traitors to US , they are no longer working on behalf of the people of this country or in our interest , but instead for their own personal agendas and interests.

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