Dem Candidate Andrew Yang Will Give Everyone $1000, Even Millionaires


Andrew Yang, the 2020 presidential candidate almost no one knows exists, seems like a nice enough person, and he’s apparently a very successful businessman with an interesting website, but as a candidate, he is a disaster.

Last night, during the Democrat debates, he said that “immigrants are being scapegoated” for reasons that have “nothing to do with our economy.” He’s concerned about machines taking their jobs or something.

Maybe, but the problem is ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, not immigrants. We love immigrants. Apparently, that’s much too difficult a concept for Democrats to grasp.

We’re told immigrants and their children actually founded 223 of the Fortune 500 companies. That may be true and that’s great, but they probably weren’t uneducated communists and cartel members looking for welfare and breaking our laws.

In Andrew Yang’s opening statement, he repeated his big idea, he will give everyone $1000 a month, even millionaires. He said he would explain how to pay for it. He never did.

But he did answer most questions with his big idea that he will give everyone a $1000. He didn’t say what we do after we spend it on whatever. There won’t be any strings attached either.

He was questioned about how he would deal with Iran’s threat right now, and he said he’d “de-escalate tensions.” Oh, okay.

Listen to this clip and tell me what the hell he’s talking about.

The Democrat candidates are PATHETIC! Oh, and before I forget, he said it’s too late for us because of the climate. He wants to move everyone to higher ground.

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