Dem Candidate, Convicted of DUI, Calls Police ‘Barneys’, ‘Hates’ His County


Steven Foster was convicted Monday for driving drunk. He is a congressional candidate running as a Democrat in Georgia. The jury deliberated for 15 minutes. Sentencing is next week.

Dashcam footage of his September 23, 2017 arrest just came out. It turns out Foster doesn’t like the police or the county for which he is a candidate.

Two videos posted by the Daily Citizen cover about 76 minutes of the arrest and Foster’s ensuing ride in a police car. It’s fascinating. Actually, a lot of it is funny.

In this included clip, he talks about Hillary’s “political whore” brother. Warning the clip gets vulgar at the end.

Later, he calls the Barney Fife police. They’re not arresting any Hispanics, he says.

He lost his medical license for mental illness issues but Dems are still going with him. Is this proof, they will run anyone? It’s hard to not be sympathetic to Mr. Foster but maybe he shouldn’t be in office.


Eleven years I served this county,” Foster told officers with the Dalton Police at one point. “I hate this county. I prayed to God that he would curse it. And guess what? He did. Man, I saw it hit and cursed, and I saw people laid off right and left — white people. I hate this county .”

Foster didn’t seem too intimidated by the cops who were arresting him.

“Go right ahead, I’ve had them pinched before by Colombian police,” Foster said, referring to being handcuffed. “It’s all right, I’ve been in jail in six damn countries and the state of Mississippi.”

Through the arrest and the trip to the hospital, Foster talks of being in the military and losing his medical license, blaming that on the military after saying he took two boats in Panama to use to aid the Honduras people. His campaign website highlights his charitable work in Honduras.

The Associated Press reported that “state records show Foster’s medical license expired at the end of 2003. The Composite State Board of Medical Examiners suspended Foster’s medical license indefinitely in October 2002, citing concerns that he was ‘unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to patients due to a psychiatric disorder.'”

Before taking Foster to the hospital, officers let his wife speak to him, and she tries to calm him down.

“Doc! Be respectful,” she said.


Foster called the officers “Barneys” in an apparent reference to Deputy Barney Fife of “The Andy Griffith Show.”

“It’s all right, they can’t help it,” he said. “They’re not going to arrest no Hispanics. They are not going to arrest somebody that is a damn Arab. They are not going to do that because guess what … (officer slams door).”

During the ride to the hospital, Foster also expounded on immigration and the country “letting … 10,000 run around,” berates the officers for a lack of military service and challenges them to “go one or two rounds.” Then, he asks for several blood samples to be taken.

“I would like to have two independent ones,” Foster said. “I would like to have one sent to Canada, which I have the right to have it sent to Canada — Toronto. I’d like to have one sent to Foggy Bottom.”

“Wow, that’s the CIA,” Edwards said.

“You’re bright,” Foster said.

Foster then talks about the intelligence of airport security officials, the sexual history of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother and religion. And he makes one other point.

“I’ll never drink in Dalton, Georgia, again,” he said.


Dan Lovingood, the Democratic Party’s 14th Congressional District chair and the first vice chair of the Whitfield County party, said Foster remains in the race for the congressional seat.

“He would not have taken this to trial if he had thought he would be found guilty,” Lovingood said.

So much for that!

Mr. Foster admitted to having two drinks, badmouthing cops, and said the tonic in the drinks was to help with his malaria.

Foster is set to face incumbent Republican Tom Graves in the election. If he wins, definitely look into voter fraud.

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