Dem Candidate Doesn’t Seem to Know Why He Should Be President 2020


Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Julián Castro, doesn’t appear to know why he should be President. He will, however, go out and make the case at some point.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Castro what made him qualified to be the next commander-in-chief of the United States, pointing out that Castro doesn’t have much foreign policy experience.

Castro avoided describing his credentials, whatever they may be, and said Trump is alienating foreigners.

Stephanopoulos asked again what makes him qualified.

He said, “Well as I said earlier I think that being mayor of a large city and serving in the president’s cabinet certainly qualifies one to be commander-in-chief.”

One silly thing he criticized the President for is not having his nominees appointed, but that is because Democrats won’t let them get approved.

He told Stephanopoulos that he “will go out and make the case”, but that’s what Stephanopoulos wanted him to do there and then.

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