Dem Candidate Who Supports Socialism Rises to #3 in Iowa


Mayor Pete Buttigieg is now number three in an Iowa Emerson poll of Democrat voters. Buttigieg loves all the socialist ideas. He recently said that President Trump’s efforts to portray Democratic policy pitches as “socialism” are pointless since the term no longer carries negative connotations.

“I think he’s clinging to a rhetorical strategy that was very powerful when he was coming of age 50 years ago, but it’s just a little bit different right now,” Buttigieg, the South Bend, Ind. mayor proclaimed.

He told Jake Tapper on CNN, “Today, I think a word like that is the beginning of a debate, not the end of the debate.”

Buttigieg told Esquire socialism isn’t communism [but of course it is].

The Democrats like him because he’s gay and socialist-leaning. He likes capitalism as long as it’s tightly controlled. I’m glad Democrats like gays. We should all like people regardless of their sexual persuasion, but it’s not a reason to vote for someone. And socialism is definitely not a reason.

He’s an extreme climate change truther and supports the goals of Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. He likes the “elegance” of it and claims we need to “race” toward that goal for “economic justice.”

Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro were Democrat Socialists. Russians, just today, shipped more troops into Venezuela to keep the dictator Maduro in power.


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