Dem Candidates Plan to Stack the Supreme Court for Absolute Power


When Democrats win the presidency, they plan to play dirty and stack the Supreme Court with Progressive Justices who legislate from the bench.

Sens. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand told POLITICO they would not rule out expanding the Supreme Court if elected president, showcasing a new level of interest in the Democratic field on an issue that has until recently remained on the fringes of debate.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a presidential candidate, also proposed the idea last month.

We are on the verge of a crisis of confidence in the Supreme Court,” said Harris (D-Calif.). “We have to take this challenge head-on, and everything is on the table to do that.”

It’s the first time in decades where the Court didn’t lean left and that to them is a crisis. Democrats want full and permanent control. There is no crisis, they ultimately just want all the power.

“It’s not just about expansion, it’s about depoliticizing the Supreme Court,” said Warren (D-Mass.), who mentioned bringing appellate judges into Supreme Court cases as an option.

That is also not true. Democrats want political judges who politicize the court and legislate from the bench. Republicans want unbiased judges who follow the Constitution, fulfilling the original role of the Court to define what is and isn’t constitutional.

Since the Democrats want a permanent progressive electoral majority, we should be deeply concerned.

Their creative excuse for doing this is Mitch McConnell held up Merrick Garland’s appointment until after the election. But that is exactly what Joe Biden insisted be done years before.

The Biden Rule is only okay for Democrats apparently. The rule says that a Supreme Court Justice not be appointed in the President’s last year of his term.


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