Dem Candidates Promise No Fossil Fuels & Millions of Jobs Lost


While championing labor, the Democrat candidates are demanding policies that will destroy blue collar jobs. Every candidate will make most of the working man’s jobs impossible or illegal under the Green New Deal, which all the candidates have embraced.

Daniel Turner was on Fox News this morning to explain the pitfalls for the American worker on this Labor Day.

Joe Biden will ban all offshore drilling. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will become illegal under this ban.

Bernie Sanders says by 2030, there will be no fossil fuels, yet 10 million people rely on fossil fuels for their jobs.

The nonsense of green jobs miraculously appearing in the future, with the unicorns, has already been proven false. Former president Obama promised alternative energy jobs and they never materialized. They can’t sustain our way of life as it is currently. The climate extremism mantra is playing up the problems of the changing climate and coming up with radical conservation plans that won’t stop the climate from changing but it will destroy us economically.

We are now energy independent, largely because of fracking which all the Democrat candidates despise. Elizabeth Warren promises to get rid of fracking on federal lands and Bernie wants an outright ban on it.

If either of those two win, the country won’t survive. Fracking is an innocent victim of bad Hollywood movies and speculative media reports. Democrats want fracking stopped. We can then become reliant once again on the Middle East and other dangerous regions for our power. We have over a million fracked wells and that’s a lot of jobs that would instantly disappear.

We watch hurricanes pour down and Iran seize tankers, but that threat is limited. We don’t need to worry about fuel any more despite these events.

Bernie has promised a $16 trillion Green New Deal so what we will get from that, if past is prologue, is $16 trillion worth of crony Solyndra payoffs.

The Green New Deal originated with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a truly unintelligent young woman, who is a member of the Democratic Socialist Party which has a more extreme agenda than the Socialist or Communist Party USA.

Where I live in New York, we are in bad shape because Governor Andrew Cuomo won’t allow fracking or new pipelines. We have to ship in our power from New Jersey. Where does New Jersey get their natural gas? They get it from wells that siphon off the natural gas from upstate New York, an impoverished area of the state.

Cuomo’s hope is he will make it too expensive to buy fossil fuels and homeowners will eventually spend $100,000 for solar. What he will do is destroy the state.

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