Dem candidates’ town hall designed to rip Americans apart culturally


As President Trump talked about issues important to Americans for nearly two hours, the Democratic candidates were busy talking about pronouns. They’re extremists putting on a clown show.

In an effort to change our culture and tear us apart, the New Democrats will pit us against one another.

They’re clowns trying to turn the USA into a cultural wasteland that only recognizes people by their identities and in accordance with the State’s demands.

Beto wants to force churches and universities to believe in and support same sex marriage. Apparently, he thinks his responsibility as President would be to inflict his belief system on all Americans. The audience cheered his fascism. You will do as the State demands in Beto country.

Julian Castro nods away.

Kamala panders. She’s so woke.

Then the idiot Cuomo had to apologize.

A terrorist of the left killed the people in the Pulse nightclub. Booker, not known for his honesty, suggested the killer was a white supremacist.

Joe Biden did his usual pandering. He’s a phony.

What is this? What just happened?

Beto clapped and smiled.

This is a clown show.

Nasty woman:

They want a Disunited States where we are all at each other depending on what we think of particular identities. They plan to group us and put us in little boxes with labels. Then they’ll tell us what we are allowed to think about each group.

If the State can tell us what to think, we have lost all of our freedoms.

That’s what the New York City statues are about. The mayor’s wife launched a “She Built NYC” program and invited the public to vote on the names of women they want the city to recognize with a statue. Mother Cabrini got more votes than any other woman (219), but McCray and her hand-picked panel rejected her without explanation.

The mayor’s wife, Chirlane McCray, decided she would not allow a statue of the Italian Catholic and is having statues of far-left people, including drag queens, erected instead.

Among the new statues are two drag queens who founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR).

The people overwhelmingly voted for Mother Cabrini. She represents New York’s rich historical heritage of Italian immigrants and Christians who contributed so much good. But under Democrats, the State rules.

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