Dem confirms jail, disbarment, huge fines on the table for Trump officials


Rep. Connolly confirms that they will jail, disbar, and fine Trump officials if they don’t show up for the witch trials. The disbarment is new.

Adam Schiff wants to restore a century-old law of inherent contempt and fine each Trump official $25,000 a day until they show up for their fraudulent “oversight” committees.

They are clearly abusing their power.

Schifty prefers fines to jail time, but only because it’s quicker and more efficient.

Judiciary Committee’s Rep. Madeleine Dean said jail time “can’t be off the table” for Trump administration officials held in contempt.

Other Democrats like Elijah Cummings want to withhold their salaries.

The President already tolerated more than two years of an abusive probe, was found not guilty, and they won’t let it go. They are desperate for power — all the power.


The latest attack from the Democrats claims Donald Trump and Jared Kushner violated the Presidential Records Act and Federal Records Act by “intentionally failing” to keep written accounts of their meetings with foreign government officials including Putin, Kim Jong Un, and top Saudi officials. They want to imprison them for that too.

Other issues have arisen. The NY Times claims the White House asked Don McGahn twice to say he didn’t think he obstructed justice but he refused. We don’t know if that is true. The NY Times says they confirmed it with their usual anonymous sources.

Then there is former top FBI official James Baker who spoke publicly at the Brookings Institute. He said the probe was started for “lawful, legitimate reasons,” and he is sick of all the BS conspiracies. He claims the probe was apolitical.

“The Papadopoulos information is what triggered us going down this path,” Baker said. “… It would have been a dereliction of our duty not to investigate this information.”

How could that nonsense with Papadopoulos be considered grounds for such a bloated investigation?

We’ll learn more when the Inspector General concludes his report and Bill Barr completes his.

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Nanky Jane
Nanky Jane
3 years ago

Who is going to do the arresting and collecting that Schiff is threatening. Military..nope…FBI..I think not.if they know what is good for them….NSA …nahhhh… guess Schifty, and Nadler will have to do the deed.

clark allen
clark allen
3 years ago

i think we should with hold all the salaries of dems til they grow up and start doing what they are suppose to be doing not wasting tax money on there three ring circus and giving themselves fat raises great idea Cummings

Lionel Mandrake
Lionel Mandrake
3 years ago

Somebody needs to shoot some Dems me thinks. They want a civil war, let it begin now.

John Vieira
3 years ago

Dementia??? Nah! Pure evil and ignorance !!!

3 years ago

They must think because Bill Clinton was disbarred they can disbar anybody whom they don’t like.I don’t think they have the authority to disbar anybody. That is up to the Bar of each state.